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MyFinePix Studio

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Feature 3Easy Uploading to Social Networking Services

With MyFinePix Studio, editing of photos and movies taken by Fujifilm digital cameras is really simple. You can also upload them to social networking services easily. MyFinePix Studio expands the fun of photography.

Upload & Share your Videos & Photos Online!

Don't keep it to yourself, share your photos and videos with friends and family!

To YouTube & FACEBOOK*

Once importing photos and videos into your PC, MyFinePix Studio will take you online so you can directly upload your files.

Share your Photos ONLINE with My FINEPIX

Connect with the million others in a photographic digital world to share your images and memories online. This community features galleries, forums, photoblogs, news, special features and competitions.

Support of FinePix Function "Photobook Assist"

MyFinePix Studio facilitates you to order Photobooks created by the FinePix function "Photobook Assist" from home via the Internet.

Automatic Creation of Photobook Folder

Photobooks created by the FinePix function "Photobook Assist" are automatically reflected in MyFinePix Studio and the My Photobook folder is created.

Virtual Photobook

Photobook displayed in 3D graphic allows you to turn pages just like real Photobook.

Batch Copy to PC

The Photobook folder can be copied to a new folder on your PC at one time.

Easy Editing Function

MyFinePix Studio comes with versatile features such as image editing, one click picture info, and a direct access to MYFINEPIX community site.

Auto Contrast

Automatically enhances the contrast of a picture to a good value, so that the light and shade of a poorly contrasted picture are evenly more emphasized.

Red-eye Removal

A tool to remove the "red-eye effect" or at least make it less noticeable.

Image Rotate

Allows you to rotate the picture 90° to the left or right.


Sizes of the frame can be modified to adjust the aspect ratio, rotated or moved.


Create original style photos with 22 types of editing effects including "negative," "sepia," "water-color," "oil paint," "zoom," "lens" and "spin."

  • negative
  • sepia
  • oil paint

One Click Picture Information

A popup info will appear with details about the file size, date of recording, dimensions, etc. as long as this information has been saved in the image file.

Easy Printing

Home printing

With MyFinePix Studio, effortless home printing of your photos is possible.