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MyFinePix Studio

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Feature 4Easy Management & Search with Cameras Having Built-in GPS

It is now easier to reminisce over trips and organize photos taken by cameras with built-in GPS. As you can search for photos by the name of location, memories of your trip are brought back vividly.

Helpful Functions for GPS Images

Easy Management & Search of Images

For photos taken by a FinePix digital camera with built-in GPS, their location names and landmark information are automatically transferred to MyFinePix Studio, and My Library is created.
You can also search for your images quickly by the location name.

Digital Cameras with Built-in GPS

Route Map Display Bringing Back Vivid Memories

With MyFinePix Studio, routes of locations where photos were taken by built-in GPS cameras are displayed on the map. Also, the automatic sorting of these photos into folders is possible.

Trip Route Displayed on the Map

When starting up Map Viewer*1, photos are displayed on Google Map™ together with the route, allowing you to look back on your trip. Zoom-in/out and moving of the map are possible.

  • *1 Connecting your PC to internet is required for this function.

Shooting Direction Display with GPS Data*2

The direction from the shooting point to the subject can be displayed on Google Maps™. Viewing the precise location where you took the photo brings back vivid memories of the moment to you.

  • *2 F600EXR, F770EXR, XP150.

Automatic Sorting into Folders by Using Log Data

Photos in each logger file are automatically grouped to be registered in event categories, according to time frame.

  • * Internet connection required.

Route Display in Thumbnail

For each event, the route is displayed in a thumbnail.

Enlarged Display of Thumbnail

By clicking on the thumbnail, the image is enlarged to full-screen. Panorama images can be viewed in horizontal panning.

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