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Plate and Processing

Under "FUJIFILM SUPERIA" brand, Fujifilm will offer products which will assure quality and cost saving effects "Resource Saving" to make "Offset printing more profitable".

FUJIFILM SUPERIA — Fujiflm CTP system total solution New

A market leading choice of plates and plate technologies

Fujifilm's philosophy is to offer a choice of plate technologies to match particular requirements. Our industry-leading range of CTP plates, probably used by more printers around the world than any other range, includes both thermal and violet sensitive plates, in processless, low chemistry or processed variants, all with the same high quality and productivity benefits. Whatever the CTP application, there's a plate that's designed to suit.

Fujifilm's aim is to deliver high quality plates that make a difference to your business in the following ways:

  • Are consistently of the highest quality
  • Use less chemistry and water
  • Require less processor maintenance
  • Allow you to achieve maximum productivity
  • Optimize ink / water balance on press
  • Help you reduce your environmental impact

Optimized plates and pressroom solutions

In addition to developing market leading printing plates, we go one step further. The way plates perform on-press with the relevant pressroom products is critical to achieving optimum printing results. Because Fujifilm is one of the largest suppliers of pressroom solutions in the industry, we have been able to optimize the formulation of our pressroom products to match our plates. By using Fujifilm plates with our pressroom solutions, you can be guaranteed the very best performance and print quality.