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Global Network

Worldwide network of distribution, development, and manufacturing

Fujifilm Graphic Systems work in part of an extensive global network comprising a worldwide workforce of about 6,500, with major distribution centers in US, Europe, Asia-Pacific, China, and Japan. Within this infrastructure are five printing plate manufacturing and development centers, five inkjet ink manufacturing and development centers, and two inkjet head manufacturing and development centers. Flexible collaboration among affiliates in over a hundred countries enables us to cover a broad range of business areas, from printing materials to software, equipment development, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and technical support.


Regional Head Quarter


Country: Japan
Company: FUJIFILM Global Graphic Systems
World Wide Head Quarter

North America

Country: U.S.A.
Company: FUJIFILM North America Corporation
North America Graphic Regional Head Quarter


Country: Germany
Company: FUJIFILM Europe GmbH
European Graphic Regional Head Quarter


Country: China
Company: FUJIFILM (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
Chinese Graphic Regional Head Quarter

Asia Pacific

Country: Thailand
Company: FUJIFILM Asia Pacific PTE. LTD.
Asia Pacific Graphic Regional Head Quarter