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MJP20W (Sample Product)

A groundbreaking digital print solution based on the latest technologies that meet the fast changing needs for flexible packaging market.


UV Inkjet x EUCON Technology <Technology announcement>

Rapid movement of high-mix and low-volume production and quick delivery, Higher requirement for quality and food packaging safety. UV inkjet press for flexible packaging was developed to accommodate the market requirement and to allow more strategic package-printing business. The combination of the most recent LED-UV inkjet printer by Miyakoshi and FUJIFILM inkjet technology including high-speed UV ink, specific pre-coating and nitrogen gas purging method achieves significant decrease in ‘print odor’ and ‘ink bleeding’. Excellent aptitude for short-run comes into it’s own around 4,000m running or less. Additionally, variable printing, long-run and endless printing function allows versatile product offering and aggressive sales. The advanced marking technology brings new opportunity in your packaging business.

  • High Image Quality — Rich descriptiveness in highlight image, High definition without ink-bleeding
  • High Productivity — 50meter per minute line speed by rapid UV curable ink
  • Low Odor — Dramatically decreased odor of UV inkjet by FUJIFILM own N2 gas purging technique
  • Versatility — Wide variety of substrate compatibility Something extra wiht variable printing


FUJIFILM EUCON* Technology is integrated into the proven LED-UV inkjet press. The birth of new power to enhance potential of flexible packaging industry.

  • * EUCON:Enhanced Under Coating & Nitrogen purging

High Image Quality

‘Pre-coating technology’ to prevent ink bleeding <EUCON Technology>

UV ink has excellent property in drying speed by UV irradiation. However, it tends to bring ink bleeding when large amount of ink is jetted directly on the plastic film which, does not adsorb any ink. Fujifilm has developed specific UV curable primer to hold the color ink dot on the right position of the pre-coated substrate.
The UV curable primer is partially cured and CMYKW inkjet ink landed into the partially cured pre-coated layer to achieve brilliant color image.

[Image] ‘Pre-coating technology’ to prevent ink bleeding <EUCON Technology>

Brilliant color image

FUJIFILM UV ink 'Uvijet' is superior in high speed, strong color density and material safety. The highly pigmented ink enables clear and beautiful color to improve packaging designs.
The hindrance power of the white ink is also good enough for flexible packaging print.

Smooth tone

The inkjet printer has 4 level of dot size to present smooth tone curve.

Low Odor

‘N2 gas purging technology’ to decrease print odor <EUCON Technology>

UV ink cured soon after the monomer polymerize in the ink under UV irradiation. However, in ordinary UV curing systems, oxygen in the air inhibits polymerization and the remaining monomer causes print odor. The UV inkjet Press, newly developed ‘Nitrogen gas purging technology’ is introduced to fill the surface of the running media with nitrogen gas simultaneously to complete the polymerization reaction.
It shuts out oxygen to enhance polymerization efficiency and to decrease print odor significantly even for food packaging.

[Image] ‘N2 gas purging technology’ to decrease print odor <EUCON Technology>

High Productivity

LED-UV curing unit + High speed UV curable ink

High productivity is achieved by the combination of LED-UV curing unit and high speed ink, which enables energy saving and quick ink drying. The LED-UV device can reduce heat damage to film substrates.

Fast and stable line speed of 50meter per minute

The newly designed R2R transport system allows wide range of web to be handled precisely and stably with line speed of 50 meter per minute for CMYKW 5 colors.

[Image] High Productivity


Variable printing** for something

You can propose more creative product, such as ‘pouches with different name or message individually’ by variable printing function.

Printability on wide range of film substrate

Wide range of film media is available including the thickness of 12um to 100um. And you can choose optional post-process equipments to set-up suitable converting system***.

Good heat resistance

Adhesion property is good enough for film substrates to be used for heat-sealing process.

Food safety compliance

The entire printing system gives consideration to safety in food packaging*4 as well as non-food packaging.



  • ** Optional
  • *** Preliminary test is recommended.
  • *4 The print is tested and confirmed compliance with the notification health and welfare ministry of Japan No.370.