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Package Printing

Meeting these latest market needs, Fujifilm has built the package solution featuring its innovative DLE plates and water-washable plates that deliver both high image quality and productivity, as well as a platemaking system, proofer, printing press and peripheral devices.

FLENEX water-washable plates


Flenex water-washable flexo plate system is new system that provides the highest print quality and productivity, while significantly lowering the cost-in-use compared to thermal, solvent or other water-wash plate technologies.

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[Image] FLENEX water-washable plates

Printing Plates

Broad lineup including flexo plates and photopolymer letterpress plates to meet diverse needs

Offering a wide range of plates, including DLE / water-washable flexo plates and photopolymer letterpress plates, to cater to various applications such as flexible packaging, paper packaging, stickers and labels

Platemaking facilities

Platemaking systems capable of skill-less operation that offer excellent environmental performance and productivity

Providing plate engravers with the astonishing productivity of up to 1.6m2 per hour, as well as LAM(Laser Ablation Mask) system and processors


UV inkjet proofer that can directly output to a diverse range of materials

Capable of direct output to flexible packaging film and other materials actually used for packaging, so that the ‘finished image’ can be shared with clients at an early stage

Printing Press

Flexographic press compatible with water-based ink renowned around the globe

Steadily expands the lineup, led by the CI-type flexography press ‘MIRAFLEX’ by Windmöller & Hölscher of Germany, which boasts extensive results across the globe

Post-Press devices

Various processors of advanced quality and efficiency are also in the lineup

Featuring non-solvent laminators, and other highly reliable post-press devices mainly for flexible packaging

Workflow system

“Holistic optimization” achieved as the pillar of the production process

The ‘XMF’ workflow system that facilitates a flexible system configuration to match strategies, offering advanced automation functionality to boost the efficiency of the overall production process