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Case Study

By Region

XMF Workflow combines key industry-standard and Fujifilm-specific technologies to deliver a comprehensive workflow with a wide range of advanced capabilities as standard. Key components and capabilities of XMF Workflow include:

Adobe PDF Print Engine

XMF Workflow is based on Adobe's native PDF rasterizer, which is capable of rapidly processing the most complex PDFs with ease.

Section proofing

XMF Workflow offers the ability to use digital presses to create physical mock-ups of offset print jobs.


XMF Workflow can pre-flight and automatically correct common PDF errors as files enter the system.

3D proofing

XMF Workflow can generate 3D proofs from APPE RIPped data that can simulate different stock, finishing and folding options.

Colour management

XMF Workflow incorporates advanced standalone colour capabilities and XMF ColorPath Organizer, a gateway to the XMF ColorPath cloud-based colour management system.

JDF Connect

XMF Workflow provides an open interface to MIS systems that allows automatic job creation directly from MIS.


XMF Workflow employs Adobe in-RIP trapping for automatic application of advanced trapping optimized for each output device.

DFE JDF integration

XMF Workflow supports open connectivity with the digital front-ends for a variety of digital print systems.

XMF Workflow Impose

XMF Workflow applies sophisticated imposition as appropriate for digital, sheet-fed and web offset printing.