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Execution (Why)

What makes XMF capable of changing our workflow?

While you may think them far-fetched, the benefits of XMF's deployment have been proven in actual practice, and our technological capability can back our claims. At some of our clients, sales per staff member have increased by as much as 40%. This is an important result, and a solid foundation paving the way to further achievements.

What makes XMF capable of making “time to think”?

Processing accelerates dramatically

XMF has superior RIP processing power. It is capable of processing several jobs in parallel with an efficiency and speed that would be unthinkable with conventional RIPs. Also, it is capable of maximizing PC performance. For example, it allows making calculations for ten CTP setters with just one or two PCs. This dramatic increase in productivity allows cutting down on waiting time and the number of PCs used, and cutting down on manpower. This leaves time for thinking, in turn fostering the employees' creativity and their ability to formulate proposals.

[Image] What makes XMF capable of making “time to think”?
Advanced automation

The basic philosophy of XMF is that anything that is in the least cumbersome should be automated. For example, during pagination any troublesome repetition is automated, as are job creation and job information input in coordination with MIS. More time to think is given not only to field operators, but also to sales staff thanks to the online automation of customer service routines, such as the submitting and proofing of press materials. Naturally, this is directly conducive to better sales capabilities, which will serve to acquire new clients.

What makes XMF capable of removing interpersonal barriers?

Ideal center RIP configuration

Conventionally, PCs with full-time operators would be assigned specifically to the reception of data for printing. Likewise, specialized personnel would normally be assigned to pagination and impression. XMF, however, defies such conventions. The center RIP is placed at the flow's center, allowing both pagination and machine plate design. Last-minute press changes can also be made with a simple touch. Anyone can direct the work from anywhere, provided that he / she is on the company's intranet. When there is too much work to be done in Tokyo, operators in Osaka can help, and vice versa. By integrating plate-making and impression, XMF is capable of immediately achieving ideal integrated data management and seamless process coordination.

[Image] What makes XMF capable of removing interpersonal barriers?
XMF employs cutting-edge remote functions

One of the greatest weapons of the IT age, XMF Remote is capable of removing all inter-divisional barriers, including those in place at clients and partner companies. No matter how functional, however, in the past remote operation posed the problem of having dificulty to explain operation to every individual client. While XMF's functions are advanced, it does not require any explanations; users only need to open an email and push the authentication button. The user-friendly, immediately effective and advanced remote functions are of great help in securing new customers.

Why go to work with renewed pride and confidence?

Workflow is non-stop and resistant to failures

Employees will build confidence by developing independence, fostered by an increase in free time and the removal of inter-divisional barriers, and this will enable them to go after their own work. However, to achieve independence it is vital that the Workflow should be reliable. XMF can ensure this, as it is capable of continued operation and production unlike vulnerable systems that shut down by individual PC failure. This sense of security can provide a quiet but solid boost for the employees' confidence.

[Image] Why go to work with renewed pride and confidence?
Allows effectively eliminating mistakes and losses

XMF's iron-clad Workflow is capable of completely blocking out mistakes and losses. For example, users can quickly and accurately check any revision with the latest digital plate inspection system. Easy-to-understand prefiights can dramatically decrease unnecessary revisions. Highly accurate CMS allows color matching both in CTP and POD. Completely eliminating accidents will earn the clients' trust and, at the same time, boost productivity and earnings. Repeated successes will build up individual self-assurance, which will in turn translate into the company's own, unwavering confidence.