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XMF ColorPath

XMF ColorPath is a new cloudbased color management system that is designed to help printers calibrate and maintain compliance to printing standards, for instance ISO 12647-2. The system can work across multiple print processes, including offset, digital and screen, helping printers maintain color consistency across these processes.

This comprehensive new color management system is made up of two main components:

  • XMF ColorPath Organizer - a new set of color management configuration tools that are included as standard in a new module within XMF Workflow V5. This module manages the application of color profiles within the print production process.
  • XMF ColorPath Sync - a cloud-based color management system for profiling, measuring and managing color compliance to specific standards across many different print devices.

XMF ColorPath not only enables printers to reduce color errors and hence ink usage, but also improves the automation and efficiency with which color is managed across in-house print devices, or across multiple print locations.

The XMF ColorPath system can be enhanced by a range of value added professional color management services offered by Fujifilm to help printers set up and manage the system, called XMF ColorPath Services. XMF ColorPath is available as a standalone solution that can color manage any offset or digital printing environment.