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XMF Remote

Customer driven production

XMF Remote delivers a range of online services that provide printers with a way to streamline production from their customer services department to their prepress department. It also allows customers to submit work and review proof online. As an extension to XMF Workflow, XMF Remote provides the facility to upload, pre-flight, proof, review and approve jobs online.

Simplify creation of print jobs

Because of it’s ease of use and speed of operation, XMF Remote is the ideal online job submission system for XMF Workflow customers who need to get print jobs into production with minimum effort. For all types of print work from general commercial print to magazine production, XMF Remote can save time in the print production process through it’s quick and easy web interface. Since all files coming info the workflow via XMF Remote have been prefilighted and print ready, print production can be fully automated.

Streamline operations

XMF Remote is suited to print companies who need to reduce the complexity of getting work into the main print production workflow, or who are looking at streamlining their print operation. Many commercial printers are recognising the duplication of work in their print sales and pre-press departments. XMF Remote can facilitate merging these two operations within a print business.

Take control

For print companies who recognise the need to be more efficient in how print jobs are delivered into production, XMF Remote allows this process to be streamlined. XMF Remote is an online extension to Fujifilm’s XMF Workflow which means jobs can be submitted by anyone, from anywhere, at any time. The printer has full administrative control over XMF Remote, so can manage who can submit work, who can review work in progress and who can authorise jobs for printing.

Advanced user interface

XMF Remote is controlled via a standard web browser. The user interface has been designed to satisfy the needs of users who would be using this system every day for submitting print work, or for occasional users. XMF Remote has the unique advantage that the user interface is created as a HTML5 web application.  XMF Remote and it HTML5 interface makes it easy for any modern web browser to deliver a feature rich web application without any IT issues. With HTML5 no software is actually downloaded to each computer for XMF Remote to operate, so there is no risk of IT security issues.