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Ion Exchange Membranes

Water Membrane Technology

Based on our long-standing experience in multi-layer coating, Fujifilm is developing top quality ion exchange membranes that may suit a variety of applications and industries. We focus on high functional and cost-effective ion exchange membranes which enable breakthrough membrane processes to become technically and economically feasible in water and energy applications.

Ion Exchange Membranes

Fujifilm is developing ion membranes for applications in water desalination and energy generation. Our membrane technologies and applications are listed below.

Membrane Technologies

- Electro Dialyses (ED)

- Reverse Electro Dialysis (RED)

- Capacitive Deionization (CDI)

- Electro Deionisation (EDI)


- Sea- and brackish water desalination

- Blue Energy power generation

- Water softening

- Ultra pure water polishing

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