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UV Light Distribution Mapping System FUD-7010E

Management by Converting colors into numeric values with analysis system

Management by converting colors into numeric values with analysis systems

In this system, exclusive analysis software is used along with a usable scanner*. The system makes it possible to scan color of UV sclales, convert it into UV light amount values, analyze UV light amount distribution , and save them.

  • * Scanners are sold separately and customers are to purchase them on their own.

Advantages of management with numerical values


The Separation accuracy of density can be improved, so sections that cannot be visually judged can be analyzed.


Internal inspection standards can be set.


Analysis results can be shared

Data saving

Digitizing data makes it possible to compare it to past data.

System Configuration

Exclusive software (CD-ROM)

Converts UVSCALE density values into UV light amount.

Dedicated Cover

This manuscript hold-down scanner cover improves date-read precision.

Calibration Sheet

The calibration sheet limits scanner-read errors to a fixed range.

Analysis system measurement features

Division Color Bar Setup

Light amounts measured are illustrated in a graph by colors. Various settings, such as scale type (log scale, equal magnification scale), upper and lower limits of scale bars, intervals, and color, can be freely set based on measurement conditions.

[Image]Division Color Bar Setup

Measuring light amount

Data imported is converted into numerical values.
Measurement data of the entire section and section specified with a rectangle or circle is displayed.

[Image]Measuring light amount

Rectangular Area Data Export Function

Results of partial measurement (rectangle) can be output in text data. Using Excel to graph the results—as shown on the right—makes it possible to see the light amount distribution in a way that is easy to understand.

[Image]Rectangular Area Data Export Function

How to use an analysis system

[ImageHow to use an analysis system


Use a calibration sheet to correct variations caused by differences in scanners and conditions as much as possible and to stabilize measurement results.

Setting measurement conditions

Select UVSCALE type used, light source lamp, and sample name to be saved on the new creation screen.

[Image]Setting measurement conditions

Correction Value Setting

Entering a correction value can correct differences in light amount values caused by differences in illuminometers, temperature, and other measurement conditions to obtain an appropriate value.

[Image]Correction Value Setting


Product Name



FUD-7010E ver.1.3

Items included

Exclusive software (CD- ROM), Dedicated cover, Calibration sheet



Measurable UV lamp

High-pressure mercury lamp, metal halide lamp, low-pressure mercury lamp, UV-LED (365 nm)

Main Functions

Analyzing UVSCALE images (measuring accumulated light amount, displaying light amount distribution, saving data, data export)

Scan Sizes

Depending on the scanner used


0.125mm (200dpi) 0.03125mm (800dpi)


Epson V370, V37 and V600

Recommended Software Environment


Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32/64bit)​


Clock: 2GHz or higher


2GB or more


Disk space: 2GB or more


1024 × 768 60,000 colors or more

Q. Do I need to save data every time I measure pressure?

A.Digital data saving is recommended because UVSCALE will be affected by sunlight and regular fluorescent lights.

Q. What will the upgrade kits provide?

A.They will upgrade software elements.

Q. Can I use a scanner with higher resolution?

A.No, FUD-7010E is configured and guaranteed to operate with the recommended scanners only.

Q. Do you provide any maintenance service?

A.No, there is no need for regular maintenance. FUD-7010E Series conduct calibration when you power up the system to check the characteristics change and deterioration of the scanner.

Q. Can I purchase only the system's software?

A.No. FUD-7010E Series data can be utilized to prepare your own software run on other PCs. The information on structure of FUD file is disclosed for this purpose. Additionally, the components are required to calibrate and operate the system.

Software version


Last updates

1)The system is compatible with Windows® 10.
2)Minor defects have been corrected.


Registration is required for the Update module. Email with download link will be sent upon completion.

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