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External Image Processing Kit For FDR nano


New type image processing kit for the FDR nano provides the operating environment to install the software such as the image analysis software

Partnership with Lunit,Inc : Lunit INSIGHT CXR



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Digital portable X-ray equipment called “FDR nano” equipped with a new image processing kit enabling to connect with software such as Artificial Intelligence-Computed Aided Diagnosis (AI-CAD) *.
This portable X-ray machine which is for screening and diagnosis through general X-ray procedure can be easily moved to isolation ward for COVID-19 patients, it will assist medical teams to diagnose COVID-19 signs with more efficiency.

  • * Only the software which validated by Fujifilm can be installed into image processing kit.

The software which can be used on the External Image Processing Kit For FDR nano

According to Lunit,Inc , Lunit INSIGHT CXR which is developed using Lunit’s cutting-edge deep learning technology detects 10 Radiologic Findings;
Atelectasis, Calcification, Cardiomegaly, Consolidation,Fibrosis, Mediastinal Widening, Nodule, Pleural Effusion, Pneumoperitoneum, Pneumothorax



  • * The console display is not for diagnosis purpose, it enables the user to check the image processing analysis.

The supine anteroposterior chest radiograph is the principal radiological imaging technique for thorax in Trauma and ICU patients.
Early recognition and treatment of occult pneumothorax is very important because it can progress to the life-threatening condition tension pneumothorax. Tension pneumothorax can result in patients with an occult pneumothorax receiving mechanical ventilation.
In many cases, CT imaging is not possible or very difficult in patients who have severe shock, require immobilization and/or connected to mechanical ventilation in intensive care units.



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