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The most advanced DRYPIX has arrived, assisting smooth diagnoses

Despite its compact size, enabling use anywhere in a medical facility, throughput is extremely high with no compromise on image quality.


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  • High throughput
  • Two trays to achieve more versatility
  • High resolution and high maximum density
  • Image processing engine which provides high-quality images


  • In some countries, regulatory approval may be required to import medical devices.
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The instructions for use of these products are provided in electronic form by PDF format. Please access to the following address and find this product page.


High throughput

DRYPIX Smart boasts a world-class high throughput speed of 80 sheets per hour with 14" × 17" film. It will help reduce the patient's waiting time and greatly increase the efficiency of examination workflow.

Two trays to achieve more versatility

The DRYPIX Smart accommodates multiple film sizes. It is equipped with two universal film trays which enable printing on two different film sizes at the same time.

[Image] Two trays to achieve more versatility
Fuji Medical Dry Imaging Film

The high quality DI-HL and DI-ML films contribute to producing clear images on the DRYPIX Smart. These films have a neutral color tone that produce images comparable to those made by wet proccessing.

[Image] Fuji Medical Dry Imaging Film
[Image] Fuji Medical Dry Imaging Film


DRYPIX's ECO-DRY system is environmentally friendly, films to processing. DRYPIX medical films employ unique aqueous solvents that are free from unpleasant odors and create neutral colored image so crisp, they're indistinguishable from those printed on wet halide film. Additional ECO-DRY advantages include our development of new liquid-coating technology, which obviates the need for harmful organic solvents in the thermal development of light-sensitive materials.

High resolution and high maximum density

Offering high resolution of 508 dpi and a maximum density of 4.0*, the DRYPIX Smart is ideal for mammography which requires high definition images.

  • * When the DI-ML film is used.

Image processing engine which provides high-quality images

Advanced Variable Response (A-VR) Spline Interpolation Fujifilm's A-VR automatically detects and distinguishes between image data and alphanumeric characters, ensuring clear, sharp alphanumerics even when noisy images require smooth interpolation of image data. Benefits include easier, faster and more accurate diagnosis.

[Image] Image processing engine which provides high-quality images
Quality Control

DRYPIX Smart prints a 24-step grayscale pattern to film, and then measures its density. This feedback system allows precise and subtle image adjustments (FDC: Auto Film Density Correction) to be made. Several kinds of test pattern images for the QC of mammograms are incorporated into DRYPIX Smart.

SAR (Smooth Curve Arranging)

Smooth Curve Arranging (SAR) on DRYPIX not only offers the most suitable image tones for modalities such as CT and MRI, but also allows adjustment of the tones to best match the diagnostic needs of individual patients. What's more, LUT also carries information on a wide range of modalities from different manufacturers to enable precise matching of image tone to specific modality.

System Configuration

[Image] System Configuration


Standard component Fuji MEDICAL Dry Laser Imager DRYPIX Smart
(Model: DRYPIX 6000)
Recording method Laser exposure thermal development system
Applicable film Fuji Medical Dry Imaging Film DI-HL
DI-HL (blue base)
35 × 43 cm (14″ × 17″)
35 × 35 cm (14″ × 14″)
26 × 36 cm (10″ × 14″)
25 × 30 cm (10″ × 12″)
20 × 25 cm (8″ × 10″)
DI-ML (blue base)
26 × 36 cm (10″ × 14″)
25 × 30 cm (10″ × 12″)
20 × 25 cm (8″ × 10″)
Film loading Daylight film loading
Film Tray 2 trays (5 sizes of film are available by changing film trays)
Processing capacity Approx. 80 sheets/hour 35 × 43 cm (14″ × 17″)
Pixel size 50 μm (508 dpi)/100 μm (254 dpi)
Recording gradation 14 bits
Image memory 1 GB
Density adjustment Automatic
Input channels DICOM network input × 1 channel only
Dimensions (W × D × H) 610 × 630 × 893 mm (24″ × 25″ × 35″)
Weight 104 kg (229.3 lbs.)
Power Supply Conditions Input voltage AC100-240V/ Single phase
Frequency 50-60Hz
Environmental Conditions
Operating Conditions:
  • Temperature: 15-30 °C
  • Humidity: 40-70% RH (at 15 °C) to 15-70%RH (at 30 °C)
(No dew condensation)
[Image] Fuji Medical Dry Imaging Film