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FCR - since 1983 -

Fujifilm opened up a new frontier

Fuji Computed Radiography (FCR), the first digital radiography system in the world was released in 1983. FCR was developed through Fujifilm's pioneering of a new field, leading to widespread digitization of radiography as well as the evolution of diagnostic imaging.


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1983, FCR launched

“Surpass analog radiographs in every point.” This was the fundamental policy behind the development of the new digital radiography system. The essential use of conventional X-ray film can be broken down into capturing, displaying and archiving an image. Developing these three elements, we succeeded in the digital production of X-ray images with high quality and precision that helps image reading more than ever.

[Image] 1983, FCR launched

This breakthrough technology, which was introduced at the International Congress of Radiology in 1981, created a sensation across the world. Since the release of world's first digital radiography system FCR 101 in 1983, FCR has fully contributed to the digitization and the development of IT in the creation of medical images. Now more than 100,000 units have been sold in the world. We are pleased to announce that FCR keeps the top share in the digital radiography market.

FCR technologies further refined

Advanced imaging technologies cultivated through development of FCR have brought a series of innovations into image diagnostics.

Our latest radiography system Fujifilm Digital Radiography (FDR) employs unprecedented unique technologies such as the ISS method, which uses the FPD with the detection side located opposite from a conventional type, achieving 1.7 times greater DQE than with the current high image quality FCR.
Thus, FDR offers patients X-ray examinations with less stress at reduced X-ray dosage.

[Image] FCR technologies further refined

“Gentle touch. Brilliant image.”

The latest modality in the world at that time, FCR brought about a drastic change in medical X-ray imaging diagnostics.
With the pioneering spirit and expertise in technologies nurtured through the development of FCR, Fujifilm will continue to develop new products that contribute to examinations more friendly to patients, technologists and radiographers, always focusing on a better future.