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Mobile Imaging

That Uses the Limited Space of a Medical Vehicle

A high-quality and high-performance medical exam vehicle FCR changes medical exams

The high-tech and compact FCR CAPSULA series, the PROFECT CS, and the VELOCITY U image readers can be loaded onto medical exam vehicles. Our long experience in mobile diagnostic systems can support your needs.


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The compact FCR can be loaded on various types of medical exam vehicles

Our compact FCR equipment can be installed onto the limited space of a medical vehicle and be operated on thus realizing an effective medical environment. The taken image can be immediately displayed on the CR Console or be output onto film for diagnosis. The image data can then be stored on such media as DVD for easy transportability and storage. As a result of this smooth workflow, the diagnosis performance is greatly enhanced.

The PROFECT CS has contributed to mammography on exam vehicles. Its four-stacker structure has made the reading process much speedier than other similar products.

High speed, high resolution realized by high technology

[Figure] High speed, high resolution realized by high technology

The VELOCITY U uses the newly developed HD Line Scan technology which enables it to scan an image at a high resolution of 100µm and a high speed of 240 images/hr regardless of the image size. Consequently, it is able to cope with various diagnostic situations.

The PROFECT CS is able to read four cassettes required per patient at once due to its four-stacker structure. It uses the dual-side reading technology and reads an Imaging Plate (IP) at a resolution of 50µm and a rate of approximately 80 images/hr (for 18 cm x 24 cm).

Recommended System Solution: General imaging

[Chart] Recommended System Solution: General imaging

Recommended System Solution: Mammography

[Chart] Recommended System Solution: Mammography
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