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Cinematic impact!   Natural color and tonal reproduction.

High definition, ultra-fine grain ETERNA-CI is for color master positives or duplicate negatives -- offering superior color gradation, color balance, sharpness, and emulsion layer speed balance. The three RGB emulsion layers are each triple-layered and include silver halides and dye-forming couplers for dye images and an orange mask that helps create beautiful color release prints. Anti-halation and backing layers lubricate and prevent halation, static and scratching. The durable polyester film base eliminates static and prevents dust for cleaner, sharper prints and remains after processing.


Spectral density curves
[fig.]Spectral density curves
Characteristic curves
[fig.]Characteristic curves

In order to simulate conditions closest to practical use, exposure was made under a 2854K light source, through a Fuji SC-42 ultraviolet absorbing filter as well as a correction filter which corresponds to the color negative film mask. Processing was carried out under standard conditions and the three color densities (status M) were measured. The results of measurements are plotted as characteristic curves here.

Contrast transfer function*
[fig.]Contrast transfer function

*Spatial frequency attenuation characteristic of amplitude relative to rectangular wave chart.
(It should be noted, however, that the data presented was normalized with the amplitude of zero frequency.)

Spectral sensitivity curves
[fig.]Spectral sensitivity curves

Processing : Specified standardized conditions
Densitometry : Arbitrary three color densities
Density : 1.0 above minimum density
Sensitivity : Reciprocal of exposure (ergs/cm²) required to produce specified density


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