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Super quality, enhanced handling -- versatility.

This high-resolution, fine-grain color positive film delivers rich gradations and lifelike, saturated colors.

Final prints have bright, crisp highlights and good shadow detail. Newly incorporated anti-halation and anti-static layers offer better print quality, while scratch-resistant backing ensures improved projection life.


Spectral density curves

[fig.]Spectral density curves

Characteristic curves

[fig.]Characteristic curves

In order to simulate conditions closest to practical use, exposure was made under a 2854K Tungsten light source, through CC-90Y and CC-60M print color correction filters and a Fuji SC-41 ultraviolet absorbing filter in combination. Processing was carried out under standard conditions and the three color densities (status A) were measured. The results of measurements are plotted as characteristic curves. Curves G and B are shifted 1.0 Log H to avoid overlapping.

Contrast transfer function (CTF)*

[fig.]Contrast transfer function

*Spatial frequency attenuation characteristic of amplitude relative to rectangular wave chart.
(However, the presented data is normalized with the amplitude of zero frequency.)

Spectral sensitivity curves

[fig.]Spectral sensitivity curves

Processing : Specified standardized conditions
Densitometry : Arbitrary three color densities
Density : 1.0 above minimum density
Sensitivity : Reciprocal of exposure (ergs/cm²) required to produce specified density


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