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Software for DynamIx

Simple Operation for Ease of Use


Various Functions Can Be Used with Ease

All functions can be used with easy operation thus enabling a highly accurate inspection. Since the stored images are displayed together with their thumbnails, you can easily and speedily retrieve an image by simply clicking on them.

EDR (Exposure Data Recognizer) Feature

The EDR feature automatically enhances an image to an optimum one by adjusting the brightness and contrast. Fujifilm's original imaging technology offers a stable and high-quality image.

Left: Before, Right: After

High-quality images can be realized even with less X-ray exposure dose since the FCR system has a wide dynamic range.

Left: Optimum Exposure Time (45sec.), Right: Shortented Exposure Time (15sec.)

Multi-inspection Functions

The Software for DynamIx has various imaging, measurement, and screen partitioning functions that are easy to operate.

Partially Zoomed Image

Length and Thickness Measured Image

Annotated Image

Contrast Adjusted Image

Black/White Reversed Image

Screen Partitioned Image


Image can be accessed over the network via the client server.

High confidentiality of information can be maintained by the use of the DICOM communication protocol on the client server.

Images stored in an SQL-compliant database can be retrieved according to the purpose of the inspection or research by simply clicking on their respective thumbnail.

Network Configuration Sample

Images uploaded from factories and inspection institutions can be shared in real time with other users over the network via the client server. Accurate inspection is realized as a result of varied evaluations from multiple users.


Storing the image read from the CR reader to the server PC. The image can be stored and managed with ease.

File Exporting

Processing the image digitally on the PC. Output as a DICOM, JPEG, BMP, or TIFF file.


Stored on DVD-R in high-resolution and speedily retrieved from the image database. Output as a DICOM file.


The image can be output on various printers.


Images and a simplified viewer software are bundled on a CD-R or DVD-R and distributed to multiple users. Using this viewer software, users can view DICOM images on their PCs.

Multi Functions for Various Inspections

1. Apply settings to These functions enable you to select a single image or a series of images for which the current settings will apply.
2. GA/GS These functions enable you to adjust the Fujifilm-unique parameters GA (contrast) and GS (brightness) from this scale.
3. Zoom These functions enable you to display in full display size with control icons, in its original resolution, in true scale, or in full screen without any control icons.
4. Rotate and invert These functions enable you to invert the black and white display, rotate an image, or horizontally/vertically mirror an image.
5. Utilities These functions enable you to switch to monitoring mode where you can automatically display an incoming image, and then activate the appropriate Fujifilm Image Processing Tool for the image.
6. Matrix Layout These functions enable you to partition the screen into multiple partitions (maximum of 36).
7. Annotations These functions enable you to add annotation text and symbols (line, box, ellipse, arrow, and free objects) to an image and specify their color. You can also further process an annotation by clicking on it and then clicking the Selector Mode button. A right click will display more annotation options.
8. Measurements These functions enable you to measure the length, angle, area, or thickness of an image. It also enables you to display the linear density profile or the N.SNR.
9. Display These functions enable you to show/hide image information, display the user-defined annotations, or show/hide a ruler on an image.
10. Geometric Calibration These functions enable you to correct the geometric scale by entering the correct scaling factor into the data box and by clicking the adjustment button.

FCR System Workflow

[fig.]FCR System Workflow


Product name

U.S. name DynaView MP

System Unit

OS Windows XP Proffessional (Version for Windows Vista to be announced soon)
RAM 2GB or more
HDD 320GB (client and server)
Ethernet 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX / 1000BASE-T

Recommended Monitors

3MP Type Resolution 1,536 x 2,048 pixels
5MP Type Resolution 2,048 x 2,560 pixels


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