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CINE Lenses Accessories

Servo Control Kit

ZK14-35mm T2.9, ZK19-90mm T2.9, ZK85-300mm T2.9-4.0, XK20-120mm T3.5

[Image] Servo Control Kit

ZK25-300mm T3.5-3.85

[Image] Servo Control Kit
  • * Connection cable for external power is necessarywhen the power source (over 10V, 1A) can't be supplied from a camera.

Control Accessories List

  Description Model Name
Focus Demand Digital Focus Position Demand EPD-41A-D01 / D02
Mounting Clamp MCA-37
Standard Focus Position Demand EPD-21A-A01 / A02
Mounting Clamp MCA-7
Zoom Demand Digital Zoom Demand (Featured Iris Remote Control) ERD-40A-D01
Mounting Clamp MCA-37
Zoom Rate Demand Unit ERD-20A-A02
Mounting Clamp MCA-7
Other Lens Hood for ZK4.7x19, ZK3.5x85 HS-304A-114
Lens Hood for ZK2.5x14 HS-304B-114
Digital Servo Module (Disigned for ZK12x25) ESM-15A-SA
Power Source Cable (Lens:20pin-XLR4pin), L=120cm SA-206K-1R2
Power Source Cable (Lens:20pin-Camera:12pin), L=120cm SA-206M-1R2
Power Source Cable (Lens:20pin-Camera:12pin), L=40cm SA-206M-R40