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19-90mm T2.9   Light Weight Standard Zoom

ZK4.7x19 is a stamdard zoom lens with a frequuently-used focal length covering from 19 to 90mm. Thanks to the detachable servo drive unit on the ZK series, the lens can be operated in the same manner as a traditional broadcast ENG-Style lens and accessories. Furthermore, with the servo drive unit removed, traditional cinema manual, or external cine motors for zooming and focusing operation is also available for all models of this series.
With the latest optical simulation technology and high precision large diameter aspherical elements, it has achieved both high optical performance and a lightweight compact body of 2.85kg. Thanks to high resolution from the center to corner, high image quality without image distortion will be exhibited on the large screens of movie theaters.


  • Outstanding 4K optical performance and compact design
  • ENG-Style with Detachable Servo Drive Unit
  • Super 35mm large format coverage
  • Compatible with current broadcast and cine lens accessories
  • Natural Bokeh(Blur) thanks to 9-Brads Round Iris
  • 16bit encoder for virtual device
FUJINON Cine Lens Microsite


Model name ZK4.7x19
Application 35mm PL Mount Camera
Focal length 19-90mm
Zoom raito 4.7x
T-no. T2.9
Iris blades 9
M.O.D.from image planes 0.85m / 2'10″
Object dimensions at M.O.D.
1.78 : 1 Aspect raito*
19mm   917 x 516mm
90mm   193 x 109mm
Angular field of view
1.78 : 1 Aspect raito*
19mm   71°41' x 44°14'
90mm   17°20' x 9°48'
Focus rotation 200°
Zoom rotation 120°
Size (φ x Length) φ114 x 226mm
Mass 2.8kg (with Drive Unit) / 2.3kg (without Drive Unit)
  • * Sensor Size : 27.45 x 15.44mm
FUJINON Cine Lens Microsite