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1/3″ Premier Standard ENG Lens with 2x Extender

HTs18x4.2BERM standard HD lens for 1/3″ format cameras. Covering 4.2mm wide to 76mm telephoto (152mm with 2x extender). Equipped with internal focusing and designed using the exclusive Fujifilm optical Technology, which optimizes all optical features of the lens. The latest glass materials with high refractive indexes and ultra-low dispersion are used to achieve these objectives. Excellent ramping characteristics combined with minimal ghosting and flare, reduced pumping, minimized longitudinal and lateral chromatic aberrations and high MTF values provide for a standard lens which is the match for all applications.


  • Standard focal length coverage 4.2-76mm (152mm with extender)
  • Built in x2 Extender
  • DiGIPOWER support
  • Equiped New Ergonomical Digital Grip


Model Name HTs18x4.2BERM
Focal length 1x 4.2-76mm
2x 8.4-152mm
Zoom ratio 18x
Extender 2x
Maximum relative aperture (F-no.) 1 : 1.4 (4.2-76mm) / 1 : 2.8 (8.4-152mm)
Minimum object distance (M.O.D.) from front lens 0.6m
Object dimensions at M.O.D.
16 : 9 Aspect ratio
1x 4.2mm   697 x 392mm
76mm   41 x 23mm
2x 8.2mm   360 x 202mm
152mm   21 x 12mm
Angular field of view
16 : 9 Aspect ratio
1x 4.2mm   63°49' x 38°35'
76mm   3°56' x 2°13'
2x 8.2mm   34°35' x 19°51'
152mm   1°58' x 1°6'
Filter thread M82 x 0.75
Size (φ x Length) φ85 x 214.1mm
Mass (without lens hood) 1.66kg