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DIGIPOWER 27   6.5-180mm   1:1.5

HA27x6.5BESM is ideally designed for the flagship model of studio lens line-up. It incorporates the highest zoom ratio 27x and the widest angle 6.5mm currently available for high definition studio lenses. This lens features higher optical performance, reduced flair, improved colour balance, a reduction in operating noise and a smaller size and weight than previous models.


  • Outstanding optical performance with Fujifilm latest optical technology
  • Focus breathing compensation
  • Virtual system support
  • Advanced back focus (0.05 m)

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Model Name HA27x6.5BESM
Focal length 1x 6.5-180mm
2x 13-360mm
Zoom ratio 27x
Extender 2x
Maximum relative aperture (F-no.) 1 : 1.5 (6.5-123mm) / 1 : 2.2 (180mm)
Minimum object distance (M.O.D.) from front lens 0.6 m
Object dimensions at M.O.D.
16 : 9 Aspect ratio
1x 6.5mm   1,053 x 592mm
180mm   39 x 22mm
2x 13mm   527 x 296mm
360mm   20 x 11mm
Angular field of view
16 : 9 Aspect ratio
1x 6.5mm   72°50' x 45°02'
180mm   3°03' x 1°43'
2x 13mm   40°30' x 23°25'
360mm   1°32' x 0°51'
Dimensions (H x W x L) 233 x 231 x 539mm
Mass 22.3kg