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DIGIPOWER 77   9.5-732mm   1:1.7

XA77x9.5 field lens is high power 77x zoom ratio and reach a telephoto focal length to 732mm (1,464mm with extender). It offers good telephoto flexibility for sports broadcasts, concerts and live productions.
XA77x9.5 comes standard with OS-TECH optical stabilization. Exclusive anti-fogging design minimizes lens fogging and reduces downtime due to moisture. Featuring newly developed HT-EBC malti-layer coating to reduce ghosts and flare, and increases light transmission.


  • 77x high-power zoom
  • High optical performance with newly HT-EBC Coat technology
  • OS-TECH technology
  • Virtual System Support
  • Adoption of new design

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Model Name XA77x9.5BESM
Focal length 1x 9.5-732mm
2x 19.0-1,464mm
Zoom ratio 77x
Extender 2x
Maximum relative aperture (F-no.) 1 : 1.7 (9.5-335mm) / 1 : 3.8 (732mm)
Minimum object distance (M.O.D.) from front lens 2.7m
Object dimensions at M.O.D.
16 : 9 Aspect ratio
1x 9.5mm   2,425 x 1,363mm
732mm   32 x 18mm
2x 19.0mm   1,241 x 697mm
1,464mm   16 x 9mm
Angular field of view
16 : 9 Aspect ratio
1x 9.5mm   53°34' x 31°41'
732mm   0°45' x 0°25'
2x 18.6mm   28°20' x 16°09'
1,464mm   0°23' x 0°13'
Dimensions (H x W x L) 253 x 253 x 656.4mm
Mass 22.4kg