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Pressure Distribution Mapping System FPD-8010E

Easy to Read, Easy to Understand Prescale Pressure Analysis in numerical format is now available!

FPD-8010E provides a wide range of effective presentation and report functions utilizing FPD-8010E software and a scanner to digitize Prescale outputs to allow the user to produce multi-faceted measurement data such as pressure distribution and enlargement, cross-sectional distribution, and 3-D image display.
This serves to accelerate product development and improved yields based on detailed multi-faceted measurement data and analysis.

System Configuration

Dedicated Software

Converts Prescale density values into pressure values.

Dedicated Cover

This manuscript hold-down scanner cover improves date-read precision.

Calibration Sheet

The calibration sheet limits scanner-read errors to a fixed range.


Overall Measurement

Various data such as average pressure and maximum pressure are displayed.

  • * The scope of for Ultra Extreme Low Pressure(5LW) that can be measured by pressure image analysis system FPD-8010E is 0.015MPa to 0.050MPa.

Partial Enlargement

The specified field is enlarged. (X 4, X 8, X 16)

Pressure Cross Section

Pressure distribution on a line passing through a specified point is shown on a line graph.

Wire Frame

Pressure is displayed in 3-D format.

  • * Ultra Extreme Low Pressure(5LW) is not supported.
Total Weight Distribution

The upper and left segments of the total pressure are displayed on a bar graph.

Histogram Analysis

Pressure on the circumference is displayed as a histogram.

  • * Ultra Extreme Low Pressure(5LW) is not supported.
Text Data Output

Pressure data is exported to a text file.

  • * Ultra Extreme Low Pressure(5LW) is not supported.
Pressure Distribution Animation

Step-by-step pressure values are displayed in animated format.

How to use


Product Name



FPD-8010E ver.

Main Functions

Prescale image input function
Pressure distribution display function/Pressure data output function
3D display function/polar coordinate display function

Scan Sizes

Single Read: 297mm X 210mm(11.7 in X 41.3 in)
Maximum: 891mm X 1050mm(35.1 in X 41.3 in)


0.125(200dpi), 0.25(100dpi), 0.5,1,2mm sq.

Dedicated Cover Weight


Dedicated Cover Dimensions

70(H) X 290(W) X 364(D)mm

Packed Items

Dedicated software, dedicated cover, calibration sheet, installation manual, software license


Epson A4 Scanner. Perfection V37/V370 , Perfection V600

Recommended Software Environment


Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32/64bit)


2GHz or Higher


2GB or more


XGA or better, 65,000 colors or more

Q. Do I need to save data every time I measure pressure?

A.Digital data saving is recommended because Prescale will loss its accuracy as certain elements pose adverse affects.

Q. What will the upgrade kits provide?

A.They will upgrade software elements.

Q. Can I use a scanner with higher resolution?

A.No, the FPD-8010E is configured and guaranteed to operate with the recommended scanners only.

Q. Do you provide any maintenance service?

A.No, there is no need for regular maintenance. The FPD-8010E Series conduct calibration when you power up the system to check the characteristics change and deterioration of the scanner.

Q. Can I purchase only the system's software?

A.No. The FPD-8010E Series data can be utilized to prepare your own software run on other PCs. The information on structure of MPA file is disclosed for this purpose. Additionally, the components are required to calibrate and operate the system.

Software version

FPD-8010E ver.

Last updates

  • Fixed minor bug.


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