History of Prescale

1977 Fujifilm conducted research on possible application of its microcapsule technology used for pressure-sensitive paper, resulting in successful development of the pressure measurement film Prescale.
1978 Prescale received a Best 10 New Products Award sponsored by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, a trade paper in Japan. Widely used in a variety of industries, Prescale received broader media coverage to gain further recognition.
1979 Prescale was adopted as a quantitative measurement tool for JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) to inspect the cylinder head gasket sealing pressure for automobile engines. In the automobile industry with a high demand for Prescale since it was first released, Fujifilm had been performing vigorous sales activities.
Adopted as the sealing test tool for cylinder head gaskets (described in JIS D 3105).
Automobile makers use Prescale for acceptance test of gaskets.
Present Prescale has been used in the production of LCD panels since 2000, and in the development and production of touch panel modules, solar cells and Li-ion batteries since 2010. Along with the progress of production technologies and other technological innovation, Prescale is being widely used in various areas.

Introduction in many companies across the world

Just one sheet of the Prescale enables easy visual check of pressure distribution. This innovative product has been widely used in many industrial, medical and academic areas for development, design and testing purposes. Fujifilm has established a global sales network to enable customers worldwide to use Prescale.


Our efforts to achieve high quality, stable supply and environmental friendliness


Taking advantage of its proprietary microcapsule technology and coating technology, Fujifilm has stably supplied Prescale of high quality for 35 years since its release, and has earned customers' trust in the market.

Our Fujinomiya Factory, the production base of Prescale, is located at the foot of Mt. Fuji. The factory, surrounded by an environment invaluable for Precision Chemistry, enjoys the benefits of nature such as clean air and abundant spring water. Since the establishment of the factory, we have considered the environmental conservation and coexistence with local community as our foundation. We truly understand the impact our production activities impose on the nature, and address the mitigation of environmental burden aggressively.

To comply with international standards, the Fujinomiya Factory obtained certifications for ISO 9001, a quality management system standard, in 1992, and ISO 14001, an environmental management quality system standard, in 1996.

Based on the Fujifilm Group Green Policy, we have also striven to improve management of chemical substances and chemical content of products as one of our priority activities. In order to comply with chemical substance regulations in the world, we focus on the gathering of correct information, development and sales of legally compliant products, as well as maintenance and strengthening of organizational structures involved.



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