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Superior D-3 composite digital video performance for professionals

Fujifilm D3001 videocassettes reflect the Fujifilm commitment to provide broadcast professionals with state-of-the-art video tape products. Thanks to their compact size, these videocassettes allow everything from location shooting to studio editing to handled with single tape format. And despite their compact size, they offer long recording and playback times, with high output and low noise for superior image quality.

Specially Formulated EX Fine Metallix Magnetic Particles

Hysteresis Curves

The development of Fujifilm EX Fine Metallix metal magnetic particles introduced a new level of high-density recording capability to the world of 1/2-inch digital video tape. Together with our ultra-smooth tape base, they ensure increased high-frequency output and low noise.

An Ultra-Low Error Rate for Maximum Performance

Rigorous quality control measures and a high-quality binder keep the error rate exceptionally low. In addition, a backcoating developed specifically for D-3 tape ensures that the rate stays low even after repeated recording and playback. Random errors caused by micro-dropouts during digital recording are further suppressed by superior surface-finishing technology that provides improved tape-to-head contact.

Extended Still & High-Speed Playback

Extended still capability is offered to meet the demands of editing, and the long pauses and high-speed searches that it entails. Thanks to the superior quality of our EX Fine Metallix magnetic particle and binder formulations, decreases RF output are minimal even after repeated search and pause operations.

Changes in Output Level after Repeated Playbacks (f=32 MHz)
Changes in Output Level after Still Playbacks (f=32 MHz)

Convenient Recording Lock Plugs

Fujifilm D3001 videocassettes are equipped with two recording lock plugs to prevent accidental erasure of recorded signals. The plugs can be used together or singly to prevent erasure of all recorded signals, or of video or control signals only.

Technical Data

Magnetic Properties
Coercivity (Hc) 128 kA/m
Retentivity (Br) 260 mT
Physical Properties
Tape Thickness: Total 13.5 µm
Tape Width 12.65 mm
Yield Strength 28 N
Breaking Tensile Strength 40 N
Residual Elongation 0.18%
Video RF Output 0 dB*
Video C/N 0 dB*
Audio Sensitivity 0 dB*
Audio Frequency Response 0 dB*

Figures are typical values based on Fujifilm's standard measurement procedures.
The figures marked with * are comparisons with the Fujifilm reference tape.


Size Tape Length Recording Time Dimensions Weight
(With case)
Cassette Shell Case
5S 32
+3m -0m
(105 ft.)
6 min. 161 x 98 x 25 mm 180 x 118 x 34 mm 275 g
(0.61 lbs.)
10S 63
+3m -0m
(207 ft.)
12 min. 280 g
(0.62 lbs.)
20S 118
+3m -0m
(387 ft.)
23 min. 295 g
(0.65 lbs.)
30S 173
+3m -0m
(567 ft.)
34 min. 310 g
(0.68 lbs.)
46S 254
+3m -0m
(833 ft.)
50 min. 330 g
(0.73 lbs.)
5M 32
+3m -0m
(105 ft.)
6 min. 212 x 124 x 25 mm 231 x 144 x 34 mm 455 g
(1.00 lbs.)
10M 63
+3m -0m
(207 ft.)
12 min. 465 g
(1.03 lbs.)
20M 118
+3m -0m
(387 ft.)
23 min. 480 g
(1.06 lbs.)
30M 173
+3m -0m
(567 ft.)
34 min. 490 g
(1.08 lbs.)
46M 254
+3m -0m
(833 ft.)
50 min. 510 g
(1.12 lbs.)
60M 325
+3m -0m
64 min. 530 g
(1.17 lbs.)
90M 481
+3m -0m
(1,578 ft.)
95 min. 565 g
(1.25 lbs.)
120L 632
+3m -0m
(2,073 ft.)
125 min. 296 x 167 x 25 mm 315 x 187 x 34 mm 1,020 g
(2.25 lbs.)
150L 784
+3m -0m
(2,572 ft.)
155 min. 1,060 g
(2.34 lbs.)
180L 935
+3m -0m
(3,067 ft.)
185 min. 1,100 g
(2.43 lbs.)

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