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Engineered for superior Digital Betacam performance

The professional's choice for top-flight Digital Betacam system performance. Specially formulated ultra-fine metal magnetic particles ensure high output and a low error rate, while superior binder and backcoating materials provide the durability and reliability that broadcasters demand. Respected by Digital Betacam users around the world.

High Output and Low Error Rate

Ultra-fine metal magnetic particles that are approximately 20% smaller than those used in Fujifilm Betacam SP tapes are densely packed together to achieve +2dB higher output. Our superior calendering technology ensures a mirror-smooth surface for a high C/N ratio and low error rate during high-density digital recording.

Magnetic Particles

Superior Durability & Transport Stability

Fujifilm D321 videocassettes offer the durability and transport stability that ENG/EFP professionals demand. Superior binder material provides high durability and improved magnetic particle adhesion, while high-quality backcoating material ensures a low friction coefficient and stable tape transport - even during high-speed shuttle and other editing operations.

Changes in Micro Dropouts Repeated Playbacks

Superior Storage Characteristics

Metal magnetic particles are protected against oxidation by an ultra-thin, yet ultra-effective, protective layer. This ensures that superior magnetic characteristics and high output are retained even during long-term storage. What's more, exclusive Fujifilm production technology helps prevent tape shrinkage and the tracking errors that tape deformation can cause.

Rugged Hard Case Design

Innovative design features provides the protection you need for fieldwork and long-term storage. Protruding reel-hub rests and raised flanges protect videocassettes from vibrationandimpact, and a special tongue-and-groove case seal helps shut out dust.

Tongue-and-Groove Seal

Technical Data

Magnetic Properties
Coercivity (Hc) 131 kA/m
Retentivity (Br) 270 mT
Physical Properties
Tape Thickness: Total 14 µmm
Tape Width 12.65 mm
Yield Strength 25 N
Breaking Tensile Strength 40 N
Residual Elongation 0.04%
Video RF Output 0 dB*
Video C/N 0 dB*
Audio Sensitivity 0 dB*
Audio Frequency Response 0 dB*


  • Figures are typical values based on Fujifilm's standard measurement procedures.
  • The figures marked with * are comparisons with the Fujifilm Digital Betacam reference tape.


Size Tape Length Recording Time Dimensions Weight
(With case)
Cassette Shell Case
D6 43
+2m -0m
(141 ft.)
6 min. 156 x 96 x 25 mm 172 x 112 x 31 mm 250 g
(0.55 lbs.)
D12 78
+2m -0m
(256 ft.)
12 min. 260 g
(0.57 lbs.)
D22 136
+2m -0m
(446 ft.)
22 min. 280 g
(0.62 lbs.)
D32 195
+2m -0m
(640 ft.)
32 min. 290 g
(0.64 lbs.)
D40 241
+2m -0m
(791 ft.)
40 min. 305 g
(0.67 lbs.)
D34L 206
+2m -0m
(676 ft.)
34 min. 254 x 145 x 25 mm 272 x 162 x 33 mm 640 g
(1.41 lbs.)
D64L 382
+2m -0m
(1,253 ft.)
64 min. 690 g
(1.52 lbs.)
D94L 557
+2m -0m
(1,828 ft.)
94 min. 740 g
(1.63 lbs.)
D124L 732
+2m -0m
(2,402 ft.)
124 min. 790 g
(1.74 lbs.)

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