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A new high in Digital-S video tape performance

Exclusive ATOMM technology brings a new standard of performance to Digital-S format systems, with ultra-high recording densities for superb sound and picture quality. Stability and durability are also exceptionally high, ensuring the day-in, day-out reliability that professional users demand. For Digital-S recording, there is simply no finer tape.

Superior C/N Ratio and Error Rate Characteristics

Hysteresis Curves

To ensure high output, D421 tape features magnetic particles that are 20% smaller than those used on our H471S (S-VHS) tapes. The new ultra-fine particles have a Br value of 310mT and an Hc value of 147.2kA/m, and are evenly dispersed through the magnetic layer. The small size, superior performance characteristics and even dispersion of the particles - coupled with the ultra-thin structure of the magnetic layer - ensure a magnetic energy level that is four times higher than on our H471S tapes. As a result, D421 tapes boast superior C/N characteristics and a low error rate at all frequency levels.

Improved Transport Stability and Durability

New binder, backcoating and lubricant materials assure superior transport stability and durability. The polymer binder has excellent adhesion characteristics to reduce the flaking and chipping that can occur during extended still and high-speed shuttle operations, and the backcoating material has a low friction coefficient for stable tape transport in all operating modes and environmental conditions. Lubricant is contained in both layers of the tape, ensuring that a constant level is maintained in the magnetic layer at all times.

Improved Long-Term Storage Stability

To protect valuable recordings during long-term storage, the ultra-fine metal magnetic particles in the magnetic layer are coated with an anti-oxidant. This prevents corrosion and oxidation, and ensures that magnetic performance characteristics and image quality remain high. In addition, carbon has been added to the lower layer to prevent static electricity build-up from attracting dropout-causing dust. Our deformation-resistant base material further extends storage life by preventing the tape deformation which can result in track misalignment.

High-Rigidity, Precision-Built Cassettes

D421 videocassettes are constructed of high-rigidity, precision-built cassette halves, and feature anti-static cassette lids that help shut out dropout-causing.

Technical Data

Magnetic Properties
Coercivity (Hc) 147.2 kA/m
Retentivity (Br) 310 mT
Physical Properties
Thickness Magnetic Layer (Upper Layer) 0.7 µm
Non-Magnetic Layer (Lower Layer) 2.3 µm
Total 14.4 µm
Tape Width 12.65 mm
Yield Strength 22 N
Breaking Tensile Strength 43 N
Residual Elongation Less than 0.2 %
Video RF Output 0 dB*
Video S/N 0 dB*
Audio Sensitivity 0 dB*
Audio Frequency Response 0 dB*

Figures are typical values based on Fujifilm's standard measurement procedures.
The Figures marked with * are comparisons with the Fujifilm reference tape.


Size Tape Length Recording Time Dimensions Weight (With case)
Cassette Shell Case
DS10 47
+3 m -0 m
(154 ft.)
10 min. 188 x 104 x 25 mm 203 x 120 x 30 mm 265 g
(0.58 lbs.)
DS34 125
+3 m -0 m
(417 ft.)
34 min. 289 g
(0.64 lbs.)
DS64 230
+3 m -0 m
(755 ft.)
64 min. 319 g
(0.70 lbs.)
DS104 370
+3 m -0 m
(1.214 ft.)
104 min. 360 g
(0.79 lbs.)

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