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Videocassette for DVCAM VTR Systems

DVCAM media are the most compact professional digital video recording media ever to be introduced. As the shift from analog VTR systems continues to gather momentum troughout the video production and broadcasting industries, the DVCAM format is expected to become one of the leading formats for VTR systems.

High Output and Low Noise for High-Density Digital Recording

To allow massive amounts of video and audio data to be recorded and played back with exceptionally high image and sound quality, 100% cobalt magnetic particles are applied directly to the base film using vacuum deposition technology. The resulting "Thin Cobalt Layer Tape" boasts outstanding magnetic characteristics with retentivity of 500mT and coercivity of 105kA/m. Noise is also exceptionally low, ensuring high output and CN signal strength across the entire frequency range for high-quality digital video editing tasks.

DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) Protective Layer for Enhanced Reliability and Durability

The outstanding performance characteristics of the Thin Cobalt Layer Tape are protected by an ultra-thin protective layer of DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) that is applied to the magnetic layer. Offering hardness comparable with diamonds, the tough protective DLC layer ensures high output and enhanced durability even after repeated use. In addition, the DLC layer shuts out moisture and works together with the lubricant layer to protect the cobalt magnetic layer from adverse atmospheric conditions. The lubricant also keeps the friction coefficient low under a wide range of operating conditions and ensures stable tape transport even after repeated passes and frequent still mode operation, assuring the high reliability that professionals demand.

Advanced Cassette Mechanisms for Optimum Tape Performance

A high-integrity cassette shell shuts out dust and dirt to protect critical sound and image data when changing cassettes or shooting outside. Safety is also enhanced by a side lock mechanism on the hard cases that helps prevent the cases from springing open if they are dropped.

Low Error Rate for Accurate Recording and Playback

The high C/N ratio of Thin Cobalt Layer Tape ensures a wide error rate margin, and the exceptional smoothness of the magnetic layer surface ensures excellent head contact, suppressing minute dropouts and spacing loss. The result is a low error rate even at short wavelengths, with outstanding recording and playback accuracy that meet the most demanding professional standards.

Technical Data

Magnetic Properties
Coercivity (Hc) 105 kA/m
Retentivity (Br) 500 mT
Squareness (Br/Bm) 0.78
Physical Properties
Thickness Magnetic Layer 0.2 µm
Total 7.0 µm
Tape Width 6.35 mm
RF Playback Output (20MHz) 0 dB*
C/N 0 dB*

The figures marked with * are comparisons with the Fujifilm reference tape.


Size Tape Length Recording Time Dimensions Weight
(With case)
Cassette Shell Case
32S 58 m
(190 ft.)
32 min. 66 x 48 x 12 mm 108 x 78 x 20 mm 63 g
(0.14 lbs.)
40S 71 m
(233 ft.)
40 min. 64 g
(0.14 lbs.)
34L 61 m
(200 ft.)
34 min. 125 x 78 x 15 mm 139 x 94 x 20 mm 124 g
(0.27 lbs.)
64L 112 m
(367 ft.)
64 min. 128 g
(0.28 lbs.)
94L 163 m
(535 ft.)
94 min. 132 g
(0.29 lbs.)
124L 214 m
(702 ft.)
124 min. 135 g
(0.30 lbs.)
184L 315 m
(1,034 ft.)
184 min. 142 g
(0.31 lbs.)