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Fujifilm rolled out low-cost, high-speed transfers F-series P2 cards compatible with Panasonic's P2 systems.

Fujifilm has long been recognized as a leading supplier of high-performance, high-reliability video tape and other media to broadcasters and production houses around the world. In 2008, Fujifilm introduced the R-series memory cards for the Panasonic P2 system and now introduces the new F-series P2 memory cards.
The F-series was created to offer users a lower cost media option, a higher transfer rate and the same high-capacity level as that of current models.

Long recording times and high-speed transfers

Fujifilm's P2 cards come in 30 GB and 60 GB capacities. A single 60 GB card is capable of recording about 120 minutes of HD data.* The F-series can offer an impressive maximum transfer rate of 1.2 Gbps when used with compatible hardware, made possibly by newly developed high-speed memory controller.

  • * When used with an AVC-Intra compatible device using AVC-Intra 50 compression.

Compliant with general PC card specification, adaptable to PC with PC card slot.*

Because the fujifilm P2 cards are compliant with general PC card specifications, they can be used to read and write data to a PC by plugging it into the PC card slot. Additionally, the memory card can store content in a complete range of P2 supported frame rates and formats, from high definition to standard definition and from DVCPRO to AVC-Intra 100.

  • *When used with laptop and desktop PC, P2 card driver (Panasonic product) must be installed.

High reliability for resistance to temperature changes, vibrations, and sudden impact

Shooting in extreme environments can be plagued with problems like condensation from severe temperature changes, vibration or shock. Our P2 cards utilize all the inherent advantages of solid-state memory to protect your quality footage and video work from vibration and shock. Fujifilm P2 cards can be operated in temperatures from -20°C to 60°C and stored at temperatures between -40°C and 80°C. These are true quality specifications developed specifically for professionals who require the utmost in reliability. The connectors, which have passed 30,000-cycle insertion and removal tests, are ruggedly built to withstand repetitive use.

Technical Data

  30GB 60GB
Recording Capacity* Approx. 30GB Approx. 60GB
Reading/Writing Speed** 1.2 Gbps
Interface CardBus (PC Card Standard)
Power Source DC3.3V ± 0.3V
Power Consumption Approx. 1.5W
Operating Condition -20°C to 60°C / 5 to 90% RH (No Condensation)
Storage Condition -40°C to 80°C / 5 to 90% RH (No Condensation)
Weight Approx.45g (1.6 oz)
Card Dimensions 54(W) x 5(H) x 85.6(D)mm (2.13"x0.2"x3.37")
  • * Total card capacity includes space for data management such as system data, therefore, actual usable area is less than capacity indicated on the card.
  • ** Data transfer speed is theoretical value. An Actual data transfer speed varies according to operating condition and devices.

Recording Playback Time

  30GB 60GB
AVC-Intra 100 Approx. 30min. Approx. 60min.
AVC-Intra 50 Approx. 60min. Approx. 120min.
DVCPRO HD Approx. 30min. Approx. 60min.
DVCPRO 50 Approx. 60min. Approx. 120min.
DVCPRO/DV Approx. 120min. Approx. 240min.


To use FUJIFILM memory card, a P2 card driver (Panasonic product) must be installed on your P2 series product. For the latest information on drivers, please visit the P2 Support Desk at the Panasonic web site shown below.

Product Catalog

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