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  • Professional-quality, medium-speed, daylight-type color reversal film with ultrafine grain (RMS : 7), subdued color reproduction and the softest tone reproduction among the 100F films. Incorporates new cyan, magenta and yellow couplers.
  • Suited to such uses as fashion, portraiture, interior, and product photography.
  • Provides the world’s finest grain, smooth, natural-looking skin tone continuity, and faithful reproduction of delicate hues, along with good light source compatibility, resulting in minimal color tinging under mixed light or fluorescent lighting. Produces excellent results with little photographic variation even when push-processed up to +2 stops.


Excellent Skin Tone Reproduction

Softest tones and subdued colors among FUJICHROME films, enabling skin tones to be reproduced with smooth and naturally continuous gradation from the highlights to the shadows.

Superb Color Fidelity

MCCL (Multi-Color-Correction Layer) technology and new color materials that give this film one of the world’s highest levels of color fidelity ideal for the reproduction of costumes, accessories and other subtly colored subjects.

Exceptionally Fine Grain of RMS Granularity 7

Exceptionally fine grain for a reversal film (RMS granularity value 7), making this film perfect for the depiction of smoother skin tones.

Improved Color Image Stability

New couplers incorporated for sharply improved color image stability (anti-fading characteristics) compared with existing reversal films.

Excellent Push-/Pull-processing Suitability

Push-/Pull-processing from -1/2 stop up to +2 stops with minimal changes in color balance and gradation, allowing easy and precise correction of exposure and density, and providing support for a wide range of shooting situations.

  • RMS stands for “Root Mean Square”, a widely used standard method for measuring the degree of grain in photographic film. The lower the RMS number, the smaller the apparent grain.




Film Sizes

135 ...36-exp.

135 ...36-exp.(5-roll and 20-roll packs)

35mm x 30.5m (100 ft.)

120 ...12-exp.

120 ...12-exp. (5-roll packs)

220 ...24-exp. (5-roll packs)


4 x 5 in. (10.2 x 12.7 cm) ...10 sheets and 50 sheets

8 x 10 in. (20.3 x 25.4 cm) ...10 sheets

QuickLoad 4 x 5 in. ...20 sheets

  • * Some formats and packaging may not be available in your area. Please consult with your local Fujifilm distributor for details.

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