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ATOMM Technology

What is ATOMM* and how is it different?

Magnetic particle : small is better

[Chart] Structural comparison between ATOMM and Conventional media

All magnetic media use magnetic particles to store digital information. And as you make the particles smaller, you can pack more of them onto a disk or tape. In other words,particle density gets higher, and this makes the tape more powerful. Unfortunately, however, things are not quite as simple as this, because the information is actually recorded only on the upper part, or surface of the magnetic layer. The lower portion of the layer is not only unnecessary, it can actually degrade performance. Therefore, a thinner magnetic layer is better, but this is very difficult to manufacture. And that's where ATOMM enters the picture.

Double-coating technology developed by Fujifilm is the secret behind ATOMM. A lower, nonmagnetic layer, and an ultra-thin magnetic upper layer are simultaneously applied to the base film. The result is unique double-layer construction with a lubricant reservoir in the lower layer. On the other hand, conventional magnetic media use a signal-layer coating process that results in a thick magnetic layer with lower output. This can cause data errors, especially in the higher frequencies used for high density recording.

Why is a thin magnetic layer better?

Demagnetizaion in magnetic storage media

Only the surface of the magnetic layer is magnetized. Thick magnetic layers (illustration A) exhibit pronounced demagnetization, leading to loss of output and possible data errors. ATOMM (illustration B) features a nonmagnetic lower layer and an ultra-thin magnetic upper layer which is magnetized throughout virtually its entire thickness, minimizing demagnetization and safeguarding data.

[Chart] Comparison of demagnetization effect with no demagnetization effect

ATOMM Technology Benefits

Superior durability,reliability and performance

Four factors stand behind the superiority of ATOMM technology:

  1. 1. The surface of the magnetic layer is ultra-smooth for clean,stable running performance.
  2. 2. The high-molecular-weight binder is extremely resistant to aging and environmental effects.
  3. 3. Lubricants in the lower layer provide long-lasting protection for the upper layer under heavy use.
  4. 4. The lower layer has a cushioning effect that assures better head-to-media contact.
[Chart] Long-Lasting Lubricant Supply
  • * ATOMM : Advanced Super Thin Layer & High Output Metal Media Technology