Small footprint and cost efficient - without compromising the diagnostic quality and speed.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Sentinel Analytics*1

Improving the uptime through failure sign diagnosis

Achieving higher uninterrupted system availability and optimizing maintenance costs remain challenges for conventional remote support services for medical devices. We have accumulated and analyzed Big Data to develop a new system that utilizes its "Failure Sign Diagnosis Service" to launch "Sentinel Analytics," a failure sign diagnostic service for superconductive MRI systems.
With the failure sign diagnosis based on IoT*2 the inspection and parts replacement cycles can be optimized and the system's up time can be improved.

Major features and advantages
Constant system monitoring

The Sentinel server monitors the system status 24 hours a day.

Automatic notification feature

When the Sentinel server detects either a malfunction or a lowered performance of the system, an alert is automatically reported to our service site. This helps to prevent the occurrence of a malfunction. Furthermore, a corrective measure is quickly taken in case of malfunction.

Direct connection feature

This feature provides service via direct connection of the service site and your system.To track down the causes of a malfunction, we check artifacts and abnormal images, check image data before reconstruction (raw data) and run test programs on the system.


Such features as encryption of communication data and communication based on mutual authentication are available to protect patient information. Furthermore, the specification does not allow recognition of personal information included in Patient Lists and images (such as an patient's name, sex, weight, age, and date of birth) on the Sentinel server and the Service Site.

Conceptual diagram of Sentinel Analytics
  • *1 Service contract is required.
  • *2 IoT (Internet of Things) : A system in which various devices with communication functions exchange information via the Internet to realize identification, monitoring, and control of such devices.
  • *3 M2M (Machine-to-Machine) : A system of direct exchange of information between machines via a network without human intervention.
  • *4 Pentaho : Big Data analysis software available from Hitachi Vantara LLC.
  • *5 Lumada : Lumada is Hitachi's IoT Core Platform.