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Real-time Virtual Sonography (RVS)


Shear Wave Measurement(SWM)/Shear Wave Elastography(SWE)

Avoid complex procedures like biopsy or MRI with our easy-to-use shear wave ultrasound features. Shear waves are generated using a ‘push pulse‘ to excite the tissues. SWM provides an assessment of tissue stiffness by calculating Vs, the propagation velocity of the shear waves. Thank to our unique reliability index,  liver stiffness can be assessed with highly accurate quantitative information and reproducibility. SWE color-codes tissue stiffness based on the propagation velocity of shear waves. Both can be used to evaluate liver visually and non-invasively and enabling you to accurately stage the level of fibrosis.Furthermore, ATT measurement, to score the level of fatty infiltration, using the attenuation coefficient, is combined with Shear Wave Measurement for a complete multiparametric approach to chronic liver disease management.

Fetal 3D/4D

4Dshading Flow/4Dtranslucence

The 4Dshading technology gives a more realistic appearance to the rendered surface of the fetus in the 3D display. 4Dshading Flow is its Doppler blood flow mode optimized to offer a better understanding of complex vascular flows. 4Dtranslucence enables evaluation of fetal structures providing a display of the fetal body surface and internal organ boundaries with a translucency for an accurate assessment of fetal well-being from the very beginning.

Fetal Heart Examination