May 4, 2023

Analogue. Digital. Sustainable. Fujifilm To Outline Its European Packaging Strategy At Interpack 2023

Fujifilm Europe today announces its European packaging strategy and how it is developing new industry partnerships, and an extensive range of new packaging solutions, to drive improvements in quality, productivity and sustainability across the industry.

Fujifilm recognises that print can add tremendous value to packaging and is combining its expertise in the very latest digital print technologies with a decades-long analogue heritage to create a product portfolio that supports the production of both analogue and digitally printed packaging.

The company will use interpack to announce a series of new strategic partnerships and a raft of new products targeted at multiple sectors of the market – as well as significant developments to its existing portfolio for packaging print. All of these solutions, whether analogue, digital, or a combination of the two, are designed to enable converters to produce packaging that meets the evolving needs of the market - in particular to improve production efficiencies, reduce waste, minimise energy consumption, and be as sustainable as possible.


Technology and innovation still have a huge role to play in the future of analogue package printing, and Fujifilm is a key part of that future, with a constantly evolving analogue product portfolio designed to improve the performance and sustainability of analogue printed packaging.

The latest developments in Fujifilm’s analogue solutions portfolio will be highlighted at interpack, and include a new flexo plate processor, designed to extend the reach of the company’s Flenex FW flexo plates into the flexible packaging and repro house market, a new range of LED IDFC (low migration) inks, and a new retrofittable LED UV curing system. Fujifilm’s highly regarded Flenex FW water-washable plates will also be showcased.


Fujifilm’s heritage and expertise in digital inkjet technology needs little introduction, but the detail of how this is being applied for packaging applications is less well known, and will be a major focus of Fujifilm’s presence at interpack this year.

From the highly regarded Jet Press 750S High Speed Model for folding carton printing, to the new flagship toner press – the Revoria PC1120 – Fujifilm is providing both inkjet and toner solutions for short run, creative, high value packaging applications. In addition to this, Fujifilm’s imprinting solutions, based on the company’s world-leading Samba piezo-electric print bars, combine Fujifilm’s proprietary technologies across printheads,ink and transport systems, with the company’s in-depth integration expertise. This allows digital inkjet printing to be integrated directly into existing analogue production lines for a broad range of industrial applications.

Finally, Fujifilm will also highlight the latest news around the Jet Press FP790 digital flexible packaging press. First announced in 2021, it is now installed with beta customers in three continents. Built on decades of Fujifilm inkjet expertise, it features water-based inkjet technology, making it suitable for food packaging production. The Jet Press FP790 offers a digital alternative to flexo production for mainstream applications and print runs, meeting the strategic needs of businesses faced with the challenge of dealing with a widening variety of products – resulting in a proliferation of SKUs – and shorter delivery times.


Fujifilm recognises that, as well as looking for solutions that improve business performance, modern packaging producers and the brands they serve are also looking for solutions that are right for the planet. That’s why, from cutting waste, to reducing energy use, to improving recyclability, sustainability is one of the threads that links all Fujifilm packaging solutions, from analogue to digital.


Manuel Schrutt, Head of Packaging, Fujifilm EMEA comments:

Packaging producers, particularly multi-site global producers, are looking for lasting partnerships with strong, innovative and highly capable suppliers with ambitions that match their own. Here Fujifilm’s legacy, technology portfolio, size and diversity gives the company a powerful platform to develop leading analogue and digital systems long into the future. With an ambition to support producers with their analogue production today, while leading the transition to digital over the long term, we are excited about our future in packaging and the partnerships we hope to develop.

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