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May 16, 2023

FUJIFILM to Build a New Factory for Cutting-Edge Semiconductor Materials in Taiwan

The total capital investment of about 15 billion yen including expansion of an existing facility

TOKYO, May 16, 2023 – FUJIFILM Corporation (President and CEO, Representative Director: Teiichi Goto) announces that it will build a new factory for cutting-edge semiconductor materials in Taiwan in order to further expand its electronic materials business. The company’s Taiwan-based semiconductor materials subsidiary, FUJIFILM Electronic Materials Taiwan Co., Ltd. (Head office in Hsinchu City, Taiwan; President: Alex Chang), will acquire land in Hsinchu City and build a new factory for producing CMP slurries*1 and photolithography-related materials*2, due to go operational in the spring of 2026.

The existing factory, the Third Taiwan Factory, in Tainan City will also be expanded to include CMP slurry manufacturing capability in the new building under construction, which is due to commence operation in the spring of 2024. The total amount of capital investment, combining the construction of the new factory and facility reinforcement of the existing factory, comes to approximately 15 billion yen*3.

The semiconductors segment is expected to achieve approximately 10% market growth annually*4 and see further performance advancement against the backdrop of 5G/6G-triggered communications advancement in speed and capacity, proliferation of self-driving vehicles and spread of Metaverse. 

Fujifilm offers process chemicals used in pre- to post-processes in semiconductor manufacturing including photoresists*5, photolithography-related materials, CMP slurries, post-CMP cleaners*6, thin-film formation materials*7 and polyimides,*8 as well as Wave Control Mosaic (WCM)*9 materials such as color filter materials for image sensors. In addition to the broad product lineup, the company is tapping into its stable global supply structure, advanced R&D capability and solid trusting ties with clients to expand business further. It is currently undertaking active capital investments globally, such as the introduction of CMP slurry production facilities in Japan and the reinforcement of polyimide manufacturing facilities in Belgium, thereby building up the ability to cater to a surging demand for semiconductors.

The new factory in Hsinchu City for cutting-edge semiconductor materials will expand the product supply capacity of FUJIFILM Electronic Materials Taiwan to cater to the fast-growing semiconductor market in Taiwan. The factory will feature the latest manufacturing facilities and quality assessment equipment so as to strengthen its production capabilities and technical support structures for CMP slurries and photolithography-related materials. A product warehouse is being established in order to establish a supply structure capable of responding to customer requests in detail. Photovoltaic solar panels will also be installed to reduce the factory’s environmental impact. The office function of the adjacent First and Second Taiwan Factories will be integrated into the new facility for reinforced intra-factory collaboration. For the expansion of production capabilities at the new and existing factories, the company plans to create about 50 new jobs.

Fujifilm will make active capital investments and other efforts to accelerate business growth, with the aim of achieving 500 billion yen in revenues in the global electronic materials business by FY2030. The company continues to contribute to the development of the semiconductor industry through the development and supply of cutting-edge semiconductor materials.

  • *1 CMP slurry is a polisher for evenly levelling semiconductor surface, which contains a mixture of wires and insulation films of varying hardness. CMP stands for Chemical Mechanical Polishing.
  • *2 Development solutions, cleaners and other materials used in the photolithography process of semiconductor manufacturing
  • *3 Including the construction cost of the new building in progress
  • *4 According to Fujifilm data
  • *5 Material used to coat wafer substrate when circuit patterns are drawn in the process of semiconductor manufacturing
  • *6 Cleaners used after polishing with CMP slurry to remove particles, minute metal fragments and organic residues while protecting the metal surface
  • *7 Materials for forming low-dielectric insulation films
  • *8 A material with strong heat resistance and insulation properties, used for forming semiconductors’ protective films and rewiring layer
  • *9 General term referring to a group of functional materials for controlling electromagnetic light waves in a broad range of wavelengths, including photosensitive color materials for manufacturing color filters for image sensors such as CMOS sensors, used in digital cameras and smartphones

Capital investment overview

(1) New factory in Hsinchu City

Hsinchu Industrial Park in Hukou, Hsinchu City, Taiwan

2.Main investment description
  • Building a new factory equipped with manufacturing, warehousing and office functions
  • Introducing manufacturing facilities for CMP slurries and photolithography-related materials as well as quality assessment equipment
  • Installing solar photovoltaic panels on the factory premises.
3.Construction commencement

Spring of 2024

4.Operation commencement

Spring of 2026

(2) Existing factory in Tainan City (Third Taiwan Factory)

Southern Taiwan Science Park in Shanhua District, Tainan City, Taiwan

2.Main investment description
  • Constructing a new building
  • Introducing facilities for manufacturing CMP slurries and developing solutions, as well as quality assessment equipment
3.Construction commencement

September 2022

4.Operation commencement

Spring of 2024


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