As a proud partner of World Cancer Day, we are committed to advancing the fight against cancer. 

Working with healthcare professionals and providers, our mission is to address unmet medical needs, helping to provide access to earlier cancer detection and diagnosis. This extends not only to regions with less developed medical infrastructures, but also to advanced countries. 

So, whether it’s providing healthcare solutions to help strengthen cancer care delivered in the community, or pioneering new partnerships to provide better access to remote screening and diagnostic services, we know that the earlier cancer is detected – the better the chances of survival.


New drugs development for unmet medical needs

We are creating novel drugs to address unmet medical needs focusing on cancer and central nervous system diseases.
We are supporting our partners in the development and production of their wide variety of vaccines, utilizing our advanced production technologies and facilities. 


Earlier detection of disease

Our devices have long supported medical professionals in making prompt and accurate diagnoses by centrally managing and analyzing vast amounts of data obtained from various medical diagnostic imaging devices.

We have newly added new systems to bolster our lineup of diagnostic equipment and realize an even broader product portfolio. By linking various diagnostic equipment in medical institutions with our healthcare IT system, we will leverage the most advanced image processing and AI technologies to to make screening and diagnosis more accessible everywhere. 


One of the goals set out under SDGs is to achieve universal health coverage (UHC), ensuring that all people can access essential quality health services without facing financial hardship. 
There are many people who cannot receive sufficient treatment for the disease, not only in countries with less developed medical infrastructures, but also in advanced countries. UHC requires the development of medical infrastructure that makes healthcare and medical services readily available to all, improvement in medical care quality and society that places top priority on health, with emphasis on disease prevention and early detection.

We are striving forward in the development and dissemination of new therapies for unmet medical needs, where effective treatment is still to be found actively seeking synergetic collaborations with partners in order to develop new solutions to improve accessibility to advanced treatments.

We are working and contributing to the establishment of a sound medical environment and to supporting medical staff to realize disease prevention, make early diagnoses, and provide early treatment through combining our exclusive technologies acquired over the years with the large volume of data we have accumulated in the medical IT field, and with AI technology.

Our healthcare goals under Sustainable Value Plan 2030
- Fulfill unmet medical needs
- Improve accessibility to medical services
- Contribute to identifying diseases at an early stage