RSS Feeds

Fujifilm offers the latest news release headlines via (Really Simple Syndication).

What is RSS?

RSS are standard XML-based files that provides an easy way to gather website content and quickly browse information from multiple sources. Content in “RSS Feeds” include information such as news releases and product updates, and usually structured with the headline, a preview of the content, along with the date of the information.

How do I use RSS?

By using an application called a RSS Feed reader (also referred to as an aggregator), the latest news and content regarding Fujifilm can be acquired automatically from RSS Feeds provided on this site. There are many types of RSS Feed reader applications, from free online web-based readers, to downloadable desktop applications that are available for a small fee. We have listed a few commonly used free web-based RSS Feed readers below. As each RSS Feed reader is a little different, please refer to the application's instructions on how to install, setup, and subscribe to RSS Feeds.

Free web-based RSS reader:
  • Fujifilm provides free RSS feeds for information purposes only. Use is restricted to non-commercial purposes only, and Fujifilm does not endorse any specific RSS Feed reader or other 3rd party application.
  • We reserve the right to discontinue the free RSS feeds service at any time. By accessing the Fujifilm RSS Feeds you are acknowledging your understanding and agreement with the terms and conditions above.
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