“PHOTO IS ― 50,000-Person Photo Exhibition 2019”

One of Japan's largest open participation photo exhibition starts on July 12

A total of 110,000 pictures displayed worldwide

News Release

July 11, 2019


Tokyo, July 11, 2019 ― FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) has announced that it will hold this year's “PHOTO IS ― 50,000-person photo exhibition”, the exhibition series aimed at sharing the joy of taking photos and the fun of decorating with photo prints, from July 12 in Japan.

Continuing on from last year, the company takes the concept of the exhibition overseas under the title “FUJIFILM Global Photo Exhibition,” expanding the program to cover ten countries including the United States and Europe. A total of about 110,000 photos will be displayed around the world, including Japan, to globally disseminate the “joy of photography, fun of decorating with photo prints and preservation of precious memories through photography.” Ahead of the exhibition launch in Japan, Johannesburg of South Africa has become the first host of the international version of the exhibition in the African continent. Visitors enjoyed 3,011 photos on display.

The “PHOTO IS – 50,000-person photo exhibition” is one of Japan's largest open participation photo exhibitions, displaying all entries along with comments about participants' thoughts behind their images. It started as a “10,000-person photo exhibition” in 2006 and has since enjoyed a steady increase of entries. Fujifilm expanded the scale of the exhibition to a “50,000-person photo exhibition” in 2017, and is celebrating the 14th exhibition this year.

The program in Japan attracted record-high 57,564 entries (103% compared to last year) from people with the age ranging from 0 year old to 97 year old. The ratio of entries taken with a smartphone*1 rose from last year's 47% to 53%. Many entries captured casual moments in life spent with friends and families, and included unique photos taken with a creative composition, and photos taken at the turn from the Heisei era to the new Reiwa era.

Fujifilm will continue to cater to diversifying customer needs in providing convenient and value-added products and services, while conveying photography's intrinsic values of “shooting, preserving, decorating and gifting.”

  • *1 Entries in the “Photo Prints” category taken with a smartphone, and entries for the “Smartphone” category (including the “Instagram” category)

■ About the FUJIFILM Global Photo Exhibition 2019

Since last year, Fujifilm has taken the concept of the “PHOTO IS ― 50,000-person photo exhibition” overseas to run full-scale displays under the title “FUJIFILM Global Photo Exhibition.”This year, the exhibition will be held in ten countries, displaying about 110,000 pictures worldwide, including entries in Japan.

Countries Exhibition Schedule*2 Venues*2
South Africa 6/18 ― 24 Sandton City (Johannesburg)
Brazil 9/11 ― 10/9 Shopping Cidade Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo)
China October Global Harbor / Raffles City (Shanghai)
Turkey 10/4 ― 13 Kanyon Shopping Center (Istanbul)
Canada 10/14 ― 20 Toronto Shopping mall (Toronto)
United States 10/16 ― 20 Grand Central station (New York)
UK 10/24 ― 28 Truman Brewery (London)
France 11/7 ― 11 Salon de la photo (Paris)
India January 2020 CEIF2020 venue (Mumbai)
Thailand February 2020 Central World (Bangkok)
  • *2 The schedule and venues are subject to change.

● Exhibition scene in South Africa (Exhibition period: June 18―24, 2019)


This photo exhibition received “This is MECENAT 2019” certification from the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts*3 as an “an activity promoting social creativity through arts and culture.

  • *3 Japan's only dedicated MECENAT intermediary organization established in 1990 to activate corporate support for arts and culture


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