Portable device for a wide variety of diagnosis compatible with the X-Porte probe.

Moving into a new era for ultrasound diagnostics.

With a proven track record in medical imaging, FUJIFILM has partnered with SonoSite, an innovator and world leader in bedside ultrasound, to bring you more possibilities in ultrasound diagnosis.
The FC1 system offers you advanced image processing, a compact design, and expandable features that can grow with your practice.


Advanced image processing

MPU processor

FC1’s powerful, 512-core image processing MPU reduces noise for high quality tissue images.

Speed of sound correction

Speed of sound corrections can be performed on elemental data for better image resolution, by tissue type.

Speckle reduction (SRI) technology

The system leverages FUJIFILM's proprietary Image Intelligence technology to suppress speckles for improved contrast resolution.

Optimised for a broad number of applications



Carotid artery


Hybrid User Control

The combination of a large touchscreen with persistent keys for routine functions allows the FC1 system to adapt to your clinical needs. Select the 2D button to perform a basic scan or leverage the touchscreen to navigate through more complex measurements and calculations.

User-Defined Exam Presets

Develop your own exam presets for each transducer. The FC1 system provides you with several options to create and adjust exam presets. Once you’ve found the right combination for you, set it as the default.

Programmable Buttons

Four, easy-to-locate function keys can be quickly programmed to be the most common functions you need today and in the future.

Image Optimisation

The auto-image button adapts to different body habitus to enable high-quality images with a push of a button.

Transducers are backed by a technology-driven, 5-year warranty

SonoSite-manufactured transducers are subject to rigorous testing standards, including a 3 foot (91.4 cm) drop test. The proprietary design offers excellent durability and reliability.
The 5-year warranty offers you peace of mind.


Light and Compact

12.1 inch monitor with a full screen display

The lightweight, compact design combines mobility with a large display for easy image viewing.

Integrated Handle

The large, integrated handle distributes system weight to simplify transport.

Rapid Boot-up Time

System startup in approximately 30 seconds from a fully powered off state.

FC Series Stand

  • FC1 main unit can be attached/detached with a one touch operation.
  • Display stand can be raised or lowered.
  • Black and white printer (option).