Photofinishing Labs

Fuji Hunt RA4 chemistry for finisher laboratories is available in a wide range of products and pack
sizes to suit all requirements.


EnviroPrint Developer is a general purpose 38°C, 160 ml/m² developer recommended to thosecustomers having low to medium low throughput volumes. It is also the starting point for finisherlaboratories carrying out developer regeneration.EnviroPrint Developer can be regenerated without the use of ion exchange resins.For regeneration, Enviroprint HV High Ratio is used. 650 ml up to 700 ml of developer overflow can berebuilt with regenerator concentrates to 1 litre of rebuilt replenisher. EnviroPrint Developerregeneration is particularly recommended for larger laboratories.

A range of Monopart EnviroPrint developers is available for all other requirements, with replenishment rates from 45 to 160 ml/m². There is a suitable product available whatever your needs.

Bleach-Fixes and Stabilizers

A wide range of bleach-fixes and stabilisers, plus a few additional related products, are available fromFuji Hunt to meet all requirements. Bleach-Fix regeneration systems are a feature of many finisherlaboratories; a full range of suitable Fuji Hunt products is available from your local FUJIFILM supplier.For further information on the best products for your laboratory, please contact your local FUJIFILMrepresentative, or look in the RA4 Technical Bulletin.