FDR Smart X


A X-ray system providing multi-function, high-quality, solutions with various configurations.

The content on this page is intended to healthcare professionals and equivalents.

Flexible Solution with System Style Options (Floor / Ceiling)

Coherent Solution for X-ray Room with FUJIFILM modalities and image processing

Selectable Two Style

FDR Smart X is Fujifilm's newly developed X-ray system, providing multi-function, high-quality, cost-effective X-ray solutions. The Smart X offers ceiling suspended X-ray tube configurations as well as a floor mounted X-ray tube option for use with the upright stand and table, providing flexible solutions for your imaging department. Compatible with Fujifilm's latest D-EVO II series DR panels with their advanced features and high image quality. Also CR cassette and F/S cassette are available for FDR Smart X.

Compatible and Optimal X-ray Solution

Ceiling Suspended Tube Stand

The Ceiling mounted tube provides tracking with the upright stand and table detectors improving workflow, throughput and efficiency

Floor Mounted Tube Stand

The Floor mounted tube option, provides flexibility to install in limited space, maximizing the imaging systems available in the department.

Multi function stand and table supporting efficient workflow

Wall Bucky Stand Automatic Tilting

Automatic and manual tilting of the upright bucky stand is available*1. Providing an improved workflow for the radiographers and an improved experience to those patients in wheelchairs.

  • *1 Different stand is lined-up for each

Control Panel of Automatic Tilting Wall Stand

The ability to store preset positions and move the wall stand automatically to those positions provides a quick and efficient workflow.

Removable Grid

Removable grids in both the table and upright stand, allow flexible working (such as Pediatrics).

Dual Reference Rotation

Not only top reference, but also center rotation can be selected when using 14" x 17"DR panels. This provides flexible solutions, enabling exposure of areas other than the chest without taking out the panel and insert again in rotated direction or using larger panel.

Automatic Tracking

Tube head and bucky move synchronized with each other supporting positioning for exposure.

Motorized Vertical 
Synchronization with wall stand

Motorized Vertical 
Synchronization with table

The table bucky tracks after the horizontal movement of the tube head (same as floor mounted tube head)

The table bucky tracks after the rotating motion of the tube head (same as floor mounted tube head)

Elevating Patient Table

A motorized height adjustable floating top table with a weight limit of 300 kg. Synchronisation (Tracking) of the tube with both upright and table detectors. Available with ceiling and floor mounted systems.

Rotating Tray

Rotating tray is also available for table. Direction of the panel can be changed according to the patient position.

Automatic Connection

The SE cable + connector are already built in the tray, thus, just setting the DR panels into the tray, DR panels are automatically connected. Also, there is no need to handle the cables around the bucky.
Combined with rotation function, this will greatly improve efficiency and remove the stress of the workflow.

Fail Safe Switch

Fail safe switch detects panel in side the tray / bucky. When the panel is not inside the bucky or not inserted properly, exposing X-ray is unable. Thus, false exposure can be prevented.

Parameter configuration on tube head LCD display

Integrated and optimized workflow and High Image Quality

Integrated Console

Realizing optimized workflow
Detector Console and X-ray controller are integrated, displaying in the same monitor. Setting the exposure condition and selecting the exposure menu can be done in the same PC.

  • * This function is optional and only available with Console Advance, not for F/S cassette.

Technique select buttons

Connected modalities (panels / cassettes) are displayed both in Console and X-ray controller. By simply selecting the button, the modality can be changed and they are synchronized between Console and X-ray controller.

Status display for DR panel

When DR panel is used, it is available to confirm its status; wireless connection level, battery charge level, etc.

Generator Line up

Flexible generator line up provides solutions for all environments

Medical Center

Capacitor Assisted Generator

Perfect for the medium sized X-ray department. No power supply modification necessary 40kW Single Phase Input power 3kVA

Country side

UPS Generator

Supplies power for 5 hours (or approximately 500 shots) without electricity. The ideal solution for regions with unstable power supply 40kW Single Phase Input power 1kVA


Line Powered Generator

We can adjust our generator to the workload required in a big hospital.40kW/52kW/68kW/82kW Three phase.This is a high frequency X-ray generator

  • * Some of the functions mentioned on this page are optional. Please contact your local contact window about the details.

Products Name : FDR Smart X(Model name : FDR Smart FGXR)