Portable X-ray unit “CALNEO Xair” wins Bronze Award in the internationally prestigious U.S. design award, IDEA

“instax SQUARE Series” and mirrorless digital camera “GFX 50R” were also selected as finalists*1 .

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September 4, 2019

Tokyo, September 5, 2019 — FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) is proud to announce that its portable X-ray unit “CALNEO Xair” has won Bronze in the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) 2019, organized by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA). Also among the finalists for the IDEA Awards were Fujifilm's “instax SQUARE Series” of instant cameras and the mirrorless digital camera “FUJIFILM GFX 50R”.

The IDEA is a design award program established in 1980 by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA). It is considered as one of the world's three most prestigious design awards, alongside Germany's “iF design award” and “Red Dot Design Award.” This year, the IDSA received some 1,900 entries from around the world and granted the Bronze Award to 49 of them after reviewing all entries according to criteria including design innovation, comfortness, simplicity and contribution to social responsibilities.

The CALNEO Xair won Bronze Award in recognition for not only its exterior design but also a variety of features that meet the needs at the medical frontline and contribution to enhancing the quality of healthcare. These features include its compact and lightweight unit for easy portability, convenience of offering X-ray services in home medical-care, and intuitive operability.

In the development of a variety of products and services, Fujifilm pursues functionality and performance while also striving to achieve design that takes maximum advantage of functional excellence. The company aims to create new value for products by working out a design that not only makes each product look good on the outside but also facilitates the product's ease of use, comfortable operability and portability.

Amidst our emphasis on design as one of the product values, it is an honor to announce that its product was chosen for the IDEA award out of numerous entries. Fujifilm will continue to develop superb products.

  • *1 Finalists are entries that have cleared primary review to become candidates for Gold, Silver and Bronze awards.
[Logo]“IDEA 2019” Bronze Award winner

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Portable X-ray unit “CALNEO Xair”

[Photo]Portable X-ray unit “CALNEO Xair”

“CALNEO Xair” is Fujifilm's first portable X-ray unit that can be carried to any point of use with ease. The use of compact and lightweight X-ray tube and battery has successfully reduced its total weight to just 3.5kg for exceptional portability and operability. It allows users to take and check X-ray images easily in places with limited space, such as home health care situations. It can capture high-quality images despite the use of low-dose radiation when combined with a high-sensitivity cassette-size DR unit such as the X-ray diagnostic imaging system “FUJIFILM CALNEO Smart,” which is equipped with Fujifilm's proprietary ISS method*2 and noise-reduction circuit*3 .

“CALNEO Xair” can reduce physical strain of doctors and medical staffs who need to carry and set up X-ray equipment for home health care, while also contributing to reducing patients' radiation dosage.

  • *2 The ISS (Irradiation Side Sampling) is a method in which the sensor (TFT panel) is positioned on the irradiation side. Compared to the conventional FPD (Flat Panel Detector) method, the ISS method can convert X-ray energy into optical signals with minimal attenuation, which enable higher efficiency in X-ray energy conversion.
  • *3 Electrical circuit that has enhanced capability in sensing X-ray information while reducing noise in X-ray images

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Finalists refer to entries that have cleared primary review to become candidates for Gold, Silver and Bronze awards.

“instax SQUARE Series” of instant cameras
[Photo]“instax SQUARE Series” of instant cameras

Two instant cameras compatible with square-format film and a smartphone-compatible printer both from “instax series” for enjoying on-the-spot shooting and printing

1) instax SQUARE SQ20

The instax SQUARE SQ20 is a hybrid instant camera that incorporates digital imaging technology. It allows users to edit and adjust captured images before printing, and also features the “Motion Mode,” in which you can select and print the best moment of a moving subject. It features two symmetrically-positioned shutter buttons so that the shutter can be released either with your right or left hand as well as the design aimed at enhanced holding performance.

2) instax SQUARE SQ6

The instax SQUARE SQ6 is an instant camera based on analog exposure. It features a diverse range of shooting functions and stylish design that can adapt to any occasions in style, allowing to capture important moments in life in square-format prints.

3) instax SHARE SP-3

The instax SHARE SP-3 is a smartphone printer that can print photos captured with a smartphone on instax films anywhere and at any time, using a dedicated smartphone app. The app offers many ways of enjoying prints, such as adding text to the photo in any size and color. Underneath the sophisticated and premium appearance lies a streamlined design that has made the printer thinner and more compact for versatile usability in any situations.

Mirrorless digital camera “FUJIFILM GFX 50R”
[Photo]Mirrorless digital camera “FUJIFILM GFX 50R”

The GFX 50R is a mirrorless digital camera equipped with a large-format sensor*4 about 1.7 times the size of a full-frame 35mm sensor to deliver ultra-premium image quality in combination with Fujifilm's proprietary color reproduction technology. It is a perfect choice for snapshots, documentary-style photography and portrait.

The GFX 50R features a classical design reminiscent of rangefinder cameras in analog days. Its compact and lightweight body, measuring just 46mm in the thinnest part and weighing 775g*5, allows users to take it everywhere with ease for excellent mobility. The top panel features two dials, one for shutter speed and the other for exposure compensation for operation simplicity. The precision-milled aluminum dials give just the right amount of clicking response and high-quality appearance. The camera, packed with all these features, is offered at an affordable price range, broadening the appeal of the large-format sensor and the world of ultra high-quality photo images it produces.

  • *4 Image sensors measuring 55m diagonally (43.8mm x 32.9mm) with the area approx. 1.7 times that of a full-frame 35mm sensor.
  • *5 Including battery and memory card
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