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Firmware update history(up to version 2.10)

The firmware update Ver.2.10 from ver.2.01 incorporates the following issue:

  • 1.Addition of the function for TELE CONVERSION LENS TCL-X100
    • 1.Change of shooting menu
    • 2.When "TELE" is selected in the "CONVERSION LENS" menu, the size of the Bright frame in the Optical Viewfinder will switch to shooting area for the TELE CONVERSION LENS.
  • <NOTE>
    With this upgrade of X100, settings including date will return to default.

The firmware update Ver.2.01 from ver.2.00 incorporates the following issue:

  • The phenomenon is fixed that in Manual Focus mode, repeated pressing the shutter button halfway or repeated recording images could move focus position and the distance indicator to near side.

The firmware update Ver.2.00 from ver.1.30 incorporates the following issues:

  • 1.Improvement of AF speed
    Approximately 20% faster AF speed is achieved in various conditions such as bright scenes, dark scenes and changed focus distance compared to the previous firmware version.
  • 2.Improvement of close-up focus performance
    The focus distance from the lens surface without switching to macro mode is approximately 30% shorter compared to previous firmware version.
  • 3."Focus Peak Highlight" function for manual focusing is added.
    The function, which features on FUJIFILM X100S and X20, is added and assists accurate and sensitive manual focusing by enhancing the outline of your subject in high contrast.
    * With this update, "Focus Peak Highlight" function is selected as a default setting. Pressing the center of the command dial for a while enables you to switch the setting of "Focus Peak Highlight" and "STANDARD" (off of "Focus Peak Highlight"). And "MF ASSIST" is added in SHOOTING MENU where you can select "HIGH" and "LOW" in "Focus Peak Highlight" and "STANDARD".
  • 4.Improved manual focus operation
    This makes it easier to capture the peak of the focus by displaying the image with shallow depth of field, using open aperture, when adjusting the focus with the electronic view finder or the LCD.
  • 5.Faster start-up time
    The camera start-up time is shortened by approximately 0.2 second with QUICK START mode OFF.
  • 6.Improved operability of selecting focus area
    Previously, the focus area was selected while holding the AF button on the back. With the upgraded firmware, pressing the AF button will switch to the focus area selection screen and the area of your choice can then be selected.
  • 7.The phenomenon is fixed that a camera will automatically turn off during "Bulb (B)" shooting with the "CONTINUOUS" setting in "IMAGE DISP."

The firmware update Ver.1.30 from ver1.21 incorporates the following issues:

  • For operation of newly added functions, which are described as following item 1, please download PDF data issued as "X100 New Feature Guide".
    • 1.New function for the WIDE CONVERSION LENS WCL-X100 is added to the shooting menu. The function for the WCL-X100 can also be allocated to "Fn/RAW" button.
    • 2.Hold the "AE/AF LOCK" when changing to OVF after one of 25 focus points(inner portion of 49 focus points) is selected in EVF or LCD.
    • <Notice> "AE/AF LOCK" will be canceled when changing to OVF after one of 25 focus points (outer portion of 49 focus points) is selected in EVF or LCD. In this case, you need to use EVF or LCD to hold the "AE/AF LOCK".
    • 3.Change of "MIN. SHUTTER SPEED" setting in "ISO AUTO CONTROL" of the shooting menu will be reflected without OFF/ON operation.

The firmware update Ver.1.21 from ver1.20 incorporates the following issues:

  • When checking focus point by pushing AE-L/AF-L button in MF mode, following phenomena can be observed in relation to focus area settings. These phenomena are improved.
    • 1.When the focus area is set to bottom right end position, the camera may hang up.
    • 2.Even when the focus area is set to other area than above, focus may be hard to be established.

The firmware update Ver.1.20 incorporates the following issues.

  • After updating into this version of the firmware, some new functions will be added and further improvements will be observed. Those are shown as "Improved items" below.
    For operation of newly added functions, which are described as following item 1 to 6, please download PDF data issued as "FinePix X100 New Feature Guide".
    • 1.Some functions, which can be set to "Fn" button and shown as "Fn BUTTON" in SET-UP menu, can be also set to RAW button. After pressing the command dial to right in the SET-UP menu of "Fn BUTTON", "Fn" and "RAW" are displayed and each of selectable them,
      Also, by holding down RAW button for more than 3 seconds, same type of selection menu for RAW button is displayed, just as short-cut procedure.
    • 2.By selecting in "ISO" menu in the shooting menu, either ISO sensitivity value or "ISO AUTO CONTROL" can be selected.
    • 3.When AF MODE is set to "AREA" in Single AF (AF-S) mode, active focus point is zoomed in (magnified to approx 5x) by pressing center of the command control.
    • 4.When "ND FILTER" is set to "Fn" button or "RAW" button, setting between ON ("ND" is displayed) or OFF ("ND" is NOT displayed) can be changeable by pressing "Fn" button or "RAW" button, which is set for "ND FILTER".
    • 5.When the image is shot with vertical angle of the camera and played back the shot in the LCD, the image is displayed with whole area of LCD even after pressing "playback zoom in" button.
    • 6.When the human face is shot, the detected face is displayed during the playing back, and pressing the command dial to down, detected face is magnified during displaying.
    • 7.AE control system and AF performance including AF speed has been improved for movie recording mode.

The firmware update Ver.1.12 / 1.13 incorporates the following issues:

  • 1.Compatibility on Mac OS 10.7
    When the camera is connected to Mac PC on Mac OS 10.7, the camera is effectively recognized. Additionally, compatibility on RAW FILE CONVERTER EX with Mac OS 10.7 has been confirmed.
  • 2.When VIEW MODE is set to EYE SENSOR activated mode, the camera may be frozen after changing OVF/EVF at dedicated shooting condition. This unpleasant phenomenon is improved.
  • 3.After shooting images at A mode, if mode dial sent to other mode and returned into A mode during data recording, shutter of the camera may not work properly. This unpleasant phenomenon is improved.
  • <NOTE>
    Version 1.13 is effective for language selection menu for JP models, from 2 (JP / EN) to 35 languages. Just in case of worldwide model, there is no difference between ver.1.12 and ver.1.13.

The firmware update Ver.1.11 incorporates the following issues.

  • 1.Performance of auto focus at near distance has been improved.
  • 2.When "SHADW TONE" is set to "MEDIUM SOFT" or "SOFT", live view in LCD may display with abnormal pattern (so-called "solarisation") just after pressing the shutter halfway. This update improves the phenomena.
  • 3.When self-timer mode is selected, focus and exposure (AE/AF) are set just after pressing the shutter button and these settings are remained for the final shutter releasing.

The firmware update Ver.1.10 incorporates the following issues.
The contents of the owner's manual will be partly changed along with this update.

  • 1.The following functions can be rocked during shooting by holding down [MENU / OK] button over 3 sec.
    DRIVE / Flash / White balance / Macro (set on the Command Dial - 4 direction key)
  • 2."CORRECTED AF FRAME" menu is added in "SET-UP" menu (the last line on menu page 6) to display additional AF frame (corrected AF frame for reducing parallax) which can be effectively used for macro shots. (Factory default value is set to "OFF")
  • 3.Adjustment in1/3 step increment for shutter speed or aperture setting is enabled in Shutter-Priority AE and Aperture-Priority AE mode, on top of those in Manual Exposure mode.
    Shutter-Priority AE : Adjustment is controlled by rotating the command dial
    Aperture-Priority AE : Adjustment is controlled by moving left / right on the command control lever
  • 4.In the post-view mode (display after shooting), focused area is magnified in the LCD (EVF) display when the command control lever is pressed.
    Cf. "IMAGE DISP." Setting must be set to "CONTINUOUS",
  • 5.Setting of the role for "Fn" button is enabled by holding down "Fn" button over 3 sec.
  • 6.Actual ISO sensitivity for shooting is displayed just after pressing shutter button halfway, when "ISO AUTO CONTROLL" is set to ON.
  • 7.When "eye sensor" is activated by pressing "VIEW MODE" button, "EYE SENSOR" is displayed on EVF / OVF or LCD just a while to notice the status.
  • 8.Macro mode ISO sensitivity, Drive mode, Dynamic range, Self-timer mode, flash mode is maintained even if shutter speed setting or aperture setting is changed. Also, even after changing viewing mode into shooting mode or turning of the camera, these values are maintained.
  • 9.The size of focus frame set through viewing EVF / LCD is maintained even after changing display mode between OVF and EVF (LCD).
  • 10.When "SHUTTER SOUND" is chosen, each shutter sound is performed in each menu setting.
  • 11.In viewing mode, the last viewed shot is maintained as even after changing into shooting mode.
    Cf. After another image is shot after viewing former image, memory of viewing the image is cancelled and the last shot is displayed as the latest image.
  • 12.When the aspect ration of the image size is set to 16:9, the line of bright frame line on OVF is displayed with aspect ratio 16:9.
  • 13.Viewing mode with Photo Information on EVF / LCD is maintained even if another image is shot. On top of this issue, deleting picture directly is enabled even in viewing with Photo information by pressing the command dial up, or MENU operation is also enabled.
  • 14.Occasionally, preview image on EVF / LCD after pressing the shutter halfway might be darker than live view, according to aperture setting or brightness of shooting target. This phenomenon is improved.
  • 15.When "DISP. CUSTOM SETTING" is set to OVF or EVF / LCD, the setting value is maintained even after customizing the menu.
  • 16.Even for only RAW data recording mode, "RED EYE REMOVAL" setting is selectable among ON or OFF.
  • 17.In MF (manual focus) setting with OVF mode, OVF viewing is activated after pressing shutter half way, even if "FOCUS CHECK" (magnifying center of the image) is displayed in EVF by pressing the center of the command control lever.
  • 18.Displaying period after pressing each command dial (Macro / Flash) is prolonged from 1.5 sec into 2.0 sec for confirming correctly.
  • 19.When CONTINUOUS is set in the IMAGE DISP. of SCREEN SET-UP, transferring from change of shutter speed or aperture to next shooting becomes more smoothly while live view is displayed.
  • 20.For resuming from AUTO POWER OFF setting, the shutter release button was required to hold down halfway for a few second. For quicker operation, resuming is activated by just pressing the button.
  • 21.Image quality captured by Velvia / ASTIA mode is improved on mainly shadow tone (dark area), when dynamic range is set to 200% or 400%.
  • 22.When "OVF POWER SAVE MODE" is set to ON and "Fn" button is set to "MOVIE RECORDING", the camera may be unstable occasionally. This phenomenon is improved.
  • 23.Histogram display on OVF during exposure compensation is improved.

The firmware up date ver.1.01 incorporates the improvement against inadequate operation shown in the following.

  • 1.If the images are shot with ISO Bracketing mode when "QUICK START MODE"(*1) is set to "ON" and turn off the camera,the camera cannot be turned on again even with ordinary operation.
  • *1Menu of "QUICK START MODE" is set to "OFF" as factory-default value