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MyFinePix Studio : Help

How to Use MyFinePix Studio - MapViewer


MapViewer of MyFinePix Studio allows the locations and the tracking data of the pictures taken with FUJIFILM digital cameras with GPS function to be displayed on the map*.
The pictures, the tracking data, and the map condition are saved as memories and can be recalled at later date.

To take pictures with the location information, select “PERMANENTLY ON” or “WHEN SWITCHED ON” from "LOCATION SEARCH" under camera setup menu.
To record the tracking data, select “ON” from “TRACKING DATA” under camera setup menu. Information received from GPS satellites will be recorded regularly onto the memory card as a tracking data file.
A new tracking data file will be created when the setting is changed from “OFF” to “ON,” or when “ON” remains selected for longer than 24 hours.
After taking pictures, import the images into MyFinePix Studio. The location information and tracking data will also be imported.

  • * The map is provided from Google Maps.


  • The internet environment is required to use the function.
  • The function only works with cameras manufactured by FUJIFILM.

How to start MapViewer

The images imported into MyFinePix Studio with location information (A) and tracking data file (B) can be found in Events under My Library.
Files with icon have location information.
The tracking data file (B) displays the actual shape of movements.

[Image] How to start MapViewer
  1. 1. Select My Library from Directory.
  2. 2. Click on the event to display.
  3. 3. Click on the MapViewer icon. MapViewer will start up and a map will be displayed.

An event can be created and/or deleted at any time. Images can also be added and /or deleted from an event.
All of the images and the tracking data from the selected event will be displayed in MapViewer.
It is also possible to display only the selected images and tracking data in MapViewer.

How to use MapViewer

[Image] How to use MapViewer
  1. 1. View all
    All of the pictures and the path that links the tracking data will be displayed
  2. 2. Tracking data button
    Select the tracking data to display on the map. The one on top will be shown on the map at first. The tracking data button will be displayed for each tracking data file.
  3. 3. List of images
    Click on the images to display on the map. Click once more to cancel the selection. When MapViewer is displayed, up to 30 images will be selected in chronological order at first.
  4. 4. Cancel All
    Cancels all the selection from the list of images.
  5. 5. Select All
    Selects all the images from the list of images.
  6. 6. Google Maps
    Map scale or the location on the map can be changed.
  7. 7. Images on the map
    Double click on an image to display at full-screen.
    If images have information of shooting direction, direction icon is displayed on the image.
  8. 8. Help button
    The help menu will be displayed.
  9. 9. Save button
    The images, the tracking data, and the map condition will be saved. File name and location may be designated.
  10. 10.  Load button
     Loads saved files. The saved images, the tracking data, and the map will be displayed.
  11. 11.  Close button
     Quits MapViewer.