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FUJIFILM X Acquire Ver.1.15.0 Installer for Windows


Click the "Begin Download" below to download the software. The file name and its capacity is described below.

Software Install
File name XAcquireIns1150.exe
File size 10.6MB


Check if there is no file with the same name in a destination of the software to save.
If there is a file with the same name, a browser can automatically change the name of the software and the software cannot be installed.

How to install


Download "XAcquireIns1150.exe" file.


Double-click the downloaded "XAcquireIns1150.exe" to run setup.
Install it following directions appeared on dialogs.

  • * The shortcut is created after the setup is completed.


Follow the instructions in the window and specify the destination folder to store transferred images when you run FUJIFILM X Acquire for the first time.