SUPERIA Thermal CTP Plates


The Superia low chemistry range enables you to benefit from the industry's lowest chemistry, water and processor maintenance figures.



SUPERIA LH-PJ2 brings the quality and consistency of FUJIFILM High Definition CTP to users of thermal platesetters, allowing you to achieve consistently higher quality print more easily when printing demanding FM, hybrid or fine-line conventional screens.

  • Low-chemistry working
  • Up to 200,000 impressions
  • Wide exposure and processing latitude for consistent higher quality
  • FM-capable
  • UV ink resistant


By optimizing all parts of the plate production process, SUPERIA LH-PK can achieve the industry's lowest chemistry use figures (with cleaner working chemistry), and huge reductions in water use and maintenance time.

  • Excellent and stable tone reproduction
  • No post-baking is required even when UV inks are used
  • Press operation is as easy as that with conventional plates
  • Good ink and water balance