[photo] Front, angled view of Frontier-S printer with photo being printed out of it

Inkjet Photo Printer



Customers can establish various systems corresponding to retailers' usage and installation space. High quality print from compact body with 0.2 square meters footprint.

Flexible system configuration respond various demand of customers

Multiple printer and software configurations enables the establishment of a flexible business configuration. Flexible functionality and competitive cost helps maximizes business opportunity. 

System configuration case

[image] Dual unit Kiosk system configuration with 6 inch printer stacked on top of 8 inch

(Dual unit configuration)

[image] Quad unit Minilab system configuration with three, 6 inch printers and one, 8 inch printer

Minilab system
(Quad unit configuration)

[image] Two unit system processes approx. 720 sheets per hour and four unit system processes approx. 1,440 sheet per hour

High processing capacity

Approx 360 sheets/hr (6”x4”) can be processed*1.

  • * Processing capacity will vary depending on system configuration and so on.
  • *1 average print speed 10 seconds per sheet(Standard mode)

High Quality and Versatile Printing Service

[logo] VIVIDIA and color spheres of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Sky Blue, and Pink

Newly developed 6 colored unique “VIVIDIA” dye inks for beautiful reproductions 

The newly developed “VIVIDIA” ink system which uses a unique colorant that is light and Ozone resistant. “VIVIDIA” ink system realizes enhanced granularity and gradation, producing remarkable improvements in medium density areas such as skin tones, blue skies, gradient backgrounds.

Image Intelligence ™
­– FUJIFILM’s Superior Image processing

FUJIFILM’s proprietary image processing technology, Image Intelligence ™ automatically compensates for problematic conditions, such as poor lighting, excessive backlight, high contrast, underexposure or overexposure.

[image] Image Intelligence ™

Superior image quality using exclusive paper

“FUJIFILM Quality Dry Photo Paper” enhances the overall color saturation to produce vivid color.

[image] Happy Birthday banner with blue, green, and red balloons, of 1,000mm length

Supported various paper size and paper type

The Frontier-S supports a variety of paper sizes up to 8.3”x39” (210x1,000mm) and five paper types Glossy/Luster/Matte/Silk/ Fine Art Matte

Exceptional space saving and Easy maintenance

[image] Top view of Frontier-S and footprint of 0.19 meters squared

Minimum of shop space required

required footprint is only 0.19m2 (2.23 Ft2). 

[photo] Frontier-S paper discharge tray open, paper roll pulled out, and hand replacing ink cartridge in printer ink slot

Easy maintenance 

Ink cartridges and roll paper are replaced easily just by opening the front covers to replace them.