Frontier Cartridge System

Cat No. Product Name Description Product Size Product Image
CP-49HV II PC/ CP-49LR PCx2  This Universal Cartridge chemical is specially designed for use in all Frontier series of Minilabs - From Frontier 340 to 790 .  Extra slot made on the Cartridge means that this product can also be used for Minilabs which currently use the CP-48HV II Cartridge chemical. Besides , the versatile formulation enable it to be used at a Replenishment Rate of either 40ml/m2 or 45ml/m2 for the Developer & 35ml/m2 or 40ml/m2 for the Bleach/Fix depending on the weekly processing volumes. 10L
855130 CP-49E P1 These Developer (P1) & Bleach/Fix (P2) START-UP Kits are used to make fresh Working Tank solution in Frontier 5 & 7 series and also Frontier 340. 6 x 3.7L
855132 CP-49E P2 6 x 3.7L
855126 CP-48S P1 UNS These Developer (P1) & Bleach/Fix (P2) Start-up Kits are to make fresh Working Tank solution in Frontier 3 series (except Frontier 340 ). 6 x 4.2L
855128 CP-48S P2 K 1 4.2L